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Professional Water Heater Maintenance in Phoenix

Your water heater is a vital appliance and utility for a comfortable, convenient home. Assuming it’s in good condition, you can expect a reliable supply of hot water for all sorts of tasks. But like any mechanical system, it won’t always run at peak efficiency. You can help keep your water heater in the best possible condition by investing in routine preventive maintenance. Moon Valley Plumbing is happy to complete exhaustive water heater maintenance in Phoenix to ensure appliances like your water heater are always in the best shape possible.

Our team of certified maintenance technicians can provide regularly scheduled inspections, cleaning and tune-ups to preserve energy efficiency and optimal performance. Additionally, such comprehensive services are available for both tank and tankless water heaters, although there may be differences in the specific tasks necessary.

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What Does Water Heater Maintenance Consist of?

At Moon Valley Plumbing, we make sure our technicians are trained on both tank and tankless water heaters. These services are designed to improve every aspect of your water heater’s performance. Our maintenance checklist can include:

Inspections: Your technician should start with a thorough inspection of your water heater in case a problem is lurking beneath the surface. Some of the most important parts of an inspection are checking the pressure relief valve, thermostat settings and other components. Some simpler problems are fixed with basic maintenance tasks like recalibrating the thermostat, which is often needed if the water’s temperature doesn’t seem right..

Cleaning and Draining/Flushing: Over time, sediment and minerals will clog the water heater and reduce its efficiency. Draining the water heater makes it easier to remove any sediment buildup while also letting us clean the burner assembly and other components.

Quick/Minor Repairs: If we identify any issues during the inspection, we can go ahead and make necessary repairs before it gets worse or affects other parts of your water heater. Understandably, taking care of water heater repair now is usually more affordable compared to a full repair appointment.

Replacement Parts: If any components in your water heater need replacing, we will source superior replacement parts to ensure your water heater enjoys the same standards of quality. As an example, we recommend replacing the anode rod every few years since it is designed to collect minerals including magnesium, iron, limestone and more.

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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance

Homeowners sometimes think they won’t have to worry about preventive maintenance until there’s a problem severe enough to require repair. To reduce the risk of surprise problems, you should try and learn more about the signs that your water heater needs maintenance. Some key things to look for include:


Insufficient hot water

If you’ve noticed your water heater falling behind on a regular basis, it’s a sign that your water heater needs maintenance.


Strange Noises

The sudden appearance of noises like popping or rumbling sounds from your water heater often means sediment and mineral buildup should be cleaned out.


Leaking Water

If you notice water around your water heater, a leak might have sprung up somewhere, including from the water heater itself.


Foul Odors

Foul smells coming from your hot water heater could be a sign of bacteria buildup in the tank, which requires cleaning.

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