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Complete Home Water Filtration Services in Phoenix

Water filtration is a luxury that most 21st century Americans take for granted. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine living in a home that hasn’t taken the necessary measures to ensure all water is safe for human consumption. But some pollutants can slip into residential water lines when problems appear or in other specific situations.

Filtering Out Water Pollutants Avoids Plumbing Problems

Most people would assume there’s something already in place at home that helps filter the water running through your plumbing system, but many individuals aren’t aware that there are different options available based on different needs. The two primary water filtration methods are “whole-house water filtration” systems and “reverse osmosis” systems. While there are some key differences between them, a whole-home water filtration system is often the right investment for your home or property when water quality is a concern.

Whole-House Water Filtration Systems

A whole-house water filtration system purifies water as it enters your home’s water main. The equipment required to set up this system is more substantial at first, but the benefit is that every sink, spout and appliance in your home can access that supply of filtered water. These systems utilize special carbon filters that trap a wide range of pollutants and harmful substances.

Reverse osmosis systems, however, are attached directly to individual sink faucets and other fixtures needing purified water. They’re a simpler, less expensive option in situations where filtered water isn’t necessary throughout the whole building.

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Three Things a Water Filtration System Keeps Out

You can enjoy a lot of benefits with a properly working water filter, so voice any potential concerns before proceeding with installation. That way you’ll know your chosen water filter is right for you. After the installation process is finished, you can enjoy these benefits, including:



Minerals make water hard, which can clog the plumbing and affect your laundry or dishes.


Chemical Residue

These cause bad odors and tastes and can even become unhealthy when ingested.


Mold or Other Microorganisms

Mold spores or bacteria can spread through microscopic pollutants; pollutants a filtration system can keep out.

Which One Is Right for You?

Homes that would be better off using filtered water for daily tasks like laundry, showers, washing dishes and more should consider whole-house water filtration installation. Even though they’re more expensive than smaller, portable options, in the long run they’re far and away the most efficient way to improve water quality everywhere.

The majority of households will benefit from a whole-house filtration system, but some commercial properties may not need to invest in this large-scale filtration system. Some industries use water as part of a manufacturing process, in which case the presence of something like minerals might not impact the process itself.

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