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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair in Phoenix

Repairing sewer lines used to be a laborious process that required excavating pipes in order to fix the problem. This could take several days, and costs associated with the repairs were significant. Today, the modern technology behind trenchless sewer repair is giving property owners the ability to repair their sewer pipes with minimal digging.

Because different problems require different solutions, we offer 4 types of trenchless sewer repair. Read below for a description of each method, and get the information you need to know before deciding which is best-suited for your situation.

1. CIPP (Cured In Place Piping)

Cured in place piping (CIPP) utilizes a flexible tube filled with an epoxy resin material that hardens – a process known as “curing” – after being inserted into the pipe. Once complete, the final result is a like-new pipe that is formed inside the one that currently exists.

When Should You Choose CIPP?

CIPP is recommended for situations where a worn or damaged pipe has remained structurally stable. It’s also a great way to mitigate problems caused by pinhole cracks or misaligned joints. Additionally, pipes damaged by tree roots or soil shifting may also benefit from this procedure.

Potential Drawbacks: This product covers all openings or tie-ins. It requires going back with a cutter tool to cut back in the opening for the toilet, kitchen, and laundry lines. Depending on the size of the pipe that is tied in, it may be difficult to make these openings again.

2. Two Part Epoxy

Epoxy pipelining is a non-invasive method of repairing and restoring pipes. It works by coating the inside of a damaged pipe with specially-formulated resin which makes it resistant to corrosion and wear that happens over time. The resin is able to be stretched and bent without becoming damaged, resulting in a pipe that is highly-elastic.

When Should You Choose Two Part Epoxy Coating?

Two part epoxy coating is ideal when only a small area needs to be coated. Because it’s able it be brushed in as needed, we’re able to pinpoint specific areas with a high level of precision.

Potential Drawbacks: In order for epoxy coating to be an effective repair option, pipes must have enough integrity to hold the coating. If a pipe is damaged significantly or structurally unstable, it will likely be best to consider other repair methods.

3. Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is an effective method of replacing pipes of any material. A specially-designed tool called an expander head is inserted into an old pipe and as it moves through the structure, it breaks the old pipe into many small pieces. This process is known as “bursting.” Following the bursting process, a new pipe, which is attached to the back of the expander head, is immediately laid in its place. The result is a structurally-sound, clean-running line left in its place.

When Should You Choose Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is ideal when you have an emergency that requires an immediate fix with minimal digging required. It’s a great option for property owners looking for a clean fix that doesn’t release toxins into the environment.

Potential Drawbacks: If you have a large belly in your existing line, the new line would follow the same path as the existing one. If you do not have adequate fall in your line, you would need to consider a traditional method to correct the fall and bring your pipe back to code.

4. Point Patch Repair

If your pipe doesn’t require a major repair and has only a small area causing an issue, point patch repair is likely going to be the best solution for your situation. This procedure focuses solely on a specific area of pipe and does not require rehabilitating the entire pipe structure.

When Should You Choose Point Patch Repair?

Potential Drawbacks: The only potential drawbacks associated with point patch repair occur when the problem is initially misdiagnosed. If a pipe needs to be repaired in multiple areas or replaced entirely, point patch isn’t the best option.

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