Phoenix Water line Repair and Replacements

We specialize in the Phoenix water line repair and replacement of main water service lines, which are usually made of copper, PVC, galvanized steel, or the dubious “blue poly.” In the ground, copper oxidizes and galvanized steel rusts terribly, releasing rust particles into your drinking water and
Phoenix water line repair Blue and Red Pipescausing serious leaking issues.

PVC has a tendency to crack with temperature changes, and blue polybutylene is a type of plastic water pipe designed to be a cheap alternative to copper plumbing but actually turned out to cause disastrous leaks and lawsuits.

We replace these faulty materials with a product called Wirsbow/Uponor. Sometimes referred to as PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), or P.E. pipe, this flexible material safely expands and contracts with temperature changes, is impervious to chlorine and other minerals, is rust-proof (being plastic), and is an all-around hardy product. We offer warranties on all products, and we don’t tear up your yard in the process.

We safely avoid your buried utilities and flush your new waterline to ensure that no dirt, clay, or any other small particles make their way into your home’s water system.


If you notice a leaky pipe, slab leak, bad or brown water, or a wet foundation then you might be in need of repiping.

This consists of replacing all of the existing hot and cold water pipes and can also apply to gas and sewer pipes as well. Moon Valley Plumbing specializes in the most preferable technique of repair which is to substitute galvanized pipes with superior copper or PEX plastic pipes.

High water bills, wet or discolored spots on your floor, and shifting of the foundation can all be signs of a slab weak.

Moon Valley Plumbing understands that this is probably very worrisome. you can reach us at any time at 623-526-3533 or through our contact form!

Don’t wait for the problem to get worse.

Call us for a free consultation about your Phoenix water line repair, and we will give you an honest quote on how to fix the problem at a competitive price.