Drain Clearing

Drain Clearing, Repair and Replacement

Drain Clearing & Drain Repair across the Phoenix metro!

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If your drains are clogged, malfunctioning, old and smelly, or causing any kinds of problems in kitchens or bathrooms, Moon Valley Plumbing is your team! Call now at 623-526-3533 for a quick appointment and fast service or contact us on our site!

Drain Video Inspections

New Video Technology

New video technology has benefited the plumbing industry in many ways. We are now able to utilize small, industry cameras with plexiglass guards and fiber-optic wires that run through it. We are able to thread the video equipment into the tiniest pipes and crevices to detect cracks, leaks, or clogs in the most inconvenient places. The camera then records the images, and our experts are able to target the problem and create custom solutions for each issue.

High-Pressure Jetting

Tough Product Removal

The high pressure water jetter, completely clears away the cause of the clog or blockage. It can wash away grease that has set with cold water. It can fully flush out the cause of the clog or blockage in your pipes.

When we use high pressure water jetters, pipes are cleaner and stay cleaner longer than using a cable rodding machine which only punches a hole through the debris, not clearing it. High pressure jetting is not only cost-effective, but makes the cleaning easier, faster and with less mess.