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Plumbing codes involve regulations for the design, installation, and inspection of plumbing and sanitary systems. These codes help ensure the fitting performance of plumbing and sanitary systems, securing the wellbeing of a building’s occupants. Violating plumbing codes can potentially result in major problems in any structure or home. Regardless, some people install their plumbing systems and violate most plumbing codes.

Whether due to ignorance, inexperience, or the intent to save money, disregarding plumbing codes can jeopardize everyone’s safety and health. If you reside in Phoenix, AZ, it is essential to hire a professional and licensed plumber to provide plumbing services that follow Phoenix plumbing codes.

With that said, here are five common plumbing code violations you should be aware of.

Not Leaving Enough Space Around Fixtures

Plumbing code enforcement laws require property owners to leave adequate space around crucial bathroom and kitchen fixtures, like cabinets, sinks, and toilets. This lets you and other occupants have ample room when using fixtures within your property. Suppose you crowd all these fixtures, it can inhibit the comfort and aesthetic of the room. Furthermore, tight spaces around fixtures make it challenging to use, besides being aesthetically unpleasing.

Following the required space, as outlined by plumbing codes in Phoenix, ensures fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen are comfortable to use. This enables occupants to have plenty of room when using these fixtures. It prevents the feeling of crowdedness or events of getting injured while squeezing through tight spaces.

Improper Slope

Among the most common plumbing code violations is improperly designing the alignment of drain pipes in your plumbing system. The role of drain pipes is to empty water into the sewer using gravity since these pipes are inclined downwards. The slope angle depends on the direction the draining must follow to prevent backflow and ensure all the water flows to the sewer properly.

Failing to achieve this angle may lead to backflows, pooling water, or improper drainage, causing significant health and safety concerns. Leaks and slow drainage can also occur, resulting in all kinds of issues in your home over time. The standard slope of drain pipes should be 1/8-inch per foot pitch for a 3-inch pipe or larger.

Inadequate Bathroom Venting

Exhaust fans play a critical role in removing steam and smell from the bathroom. These fans should be connected to a vent that channels into the roof or the side of the building. Unfortunately, some people install the vent inappropriately, where it ends up within the structure, such as in unfinished spaces or the attic.

Installing the vent improperly in your home can result in heat and humidity trapped in different spaces, causing moisture problems such as mold and mildew buildup. This is a common plumbing code violation in Phoenix, AZ, hence the need to hire a licensed and qualified plumber to help you properly install exhaust vents in your bathroom.

Wrong-Sized Drained Pipes

Plumbing code violations also involve using the wrong-sized drainage pipes in your plumbing and sanitary system. For instance, using too small or too large of drainage pipes can violate one or more of the most common plumbing codes in Phoenix, AZ. This means that the piping system you use in your project must align with the drain size you are working on.

Before installing drainage piping in your home, it is essential to determine the size that matches the drain. Alternatively, you can hire a professional plumber to avoid committing this plumbing code violation. Our technicians have the training and expertise to get the work done according to the local plumbing codes.

Missing or Faulty Water Heater Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve

A non-compliant water heater valve is a safety and code compliance issue in Phoenix, AZ. Generally, modern water heaters feature various safety devices that help prevent catastrophe in cases of failure. The pressure and temperature relief valve are one of the most important safety elements, designed to automatically open and vent excess water in the water heater when it reaches an unsafe level.

If the relief valve is broken, missing, or incorrectly installed, pressure and temperature could build up inside the water heater and lead to an explosion. If you have an old, missing, faulty, or incorrectly installed relief valve in your water heater, you are in violation of plumbing codes in Phoenix, AZ. Hence, it is essential to hire a professional plumber to inspect, repair or replace the valve to prevent dangers associated with pressure and temperature relief valves.

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