Water Softener Installation

Most homeowners are not aware of how hard or soft their water is, but the reality is that a quality water softener can be better for your skin and can even help the rest of your plumbing last longer. If you are interested in having your water softener repaired or want to learn more about how a water softener could benefit you and your family, contact Moon Valley Plumbing today. Our team will happily help you find the perfect system to fit your needs, sensitivities, and budget.

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What Does A Water Softener Do?

Home water softeners or ion exchanger units are appliances usually installed out of the way or near your water heater that removes calcium, magnesium, and other harsh minerals from your water. Most areas in Phoenix test between 16 and 22 ppm in water harsh materials. A water softener can get you down to 1 ppm. If you see white marks in your bathroom where your water has evaporated, that is a dead giveaway that you have hard water that could be laden with harsh minerals.

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The Benefits Of Soft Water

You might be thinking that soft water probably won’t do much for you, but you would be surprised by how hard water is affecting you. Primarily, hard water is harsh on your plumbing. Hard water is filled with minerals that will adhere themselves to your piping. Over time, materials like calcium will solidify on the interior of your pipes, reducing the amount of water that can flow through them. Not only that, but these minerals can actually cause some serious damage to your pipes, costing you thousands of dollars in easily avoidable repairs. Hard water is also hard on your skin and can even be harmful if ingested in large enough quantities. Luckily, you can easily have your water tested for hardness and minerals with our team here at Moon Valley Plumbing.

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The Difference Between Water Softeners & Water Filters

Where water softeners reduce the quantities of water harsh materials, water filters actively remove potentially dangerous particulates from your water like bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals. This will ensure that your water is completely safe for consumption and can even make your water taste better. If you think there may be any potential contamination in your water, or if you use well water that might be contaminated with Sulphur or iron, a water filter can easily get rid of these potential dangers.

No matter what your water softener needs may be, our friendly and helpful team is happy to help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us to get your water softener repaired or installed today.