Water Filtration System Installation

Whole House Filtration Systems vs. Reverse Osmosis Systems

Water filtration is a luxury that most 21st century Americans take for granted. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine living in a home that hasn’t taken the necessary measures to ensure all water is safe for human consumption.

Most people would assume there’s something installed in your home which helps filter the water running through your plumbing system, but many individuals are not aware that there are different options available based on specific needs. The two primary water filtration methods are “whole house water filtration” systems and “reverse osmosis” systems. Here are the key differences you should know when considering which option is right for your home or property:

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

A whole house water filtration system purifies water as it enters your home. The equipment required to set up this system is substantial, but the benefit is that every room sink, spout, and appliance in your home has the ability to access filtered water. These systems utilize carbon filters to remove impurities such as minerals, organic and artificial chemicals that cause bad odors and tastes, and can even eliminate chlorine which is unhealthy when ingested.

Homes that require filtered water for a variety of applications (laundry, showers, sinks, etc.) should choose the whole house system. Though more expensive than alternative options, in the long run it is the most efficient way to get the water quality you need in all the places you need it.   

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Whole House Water Filtration System is about as self-explanatory as you can get in terms of a name. The same cannot be said about its primary alternative – a reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis is a process that works by forcing water across a semi-permeable membrane that does not allow contaminants to pass through.

The benefit reverse osmosis systems have when compared to whole home systems is that they can be attached directly to sink faucets and other specific areas that require purified water. They’re a less expensive option in situations where filtered water is not necessary throughout the building.

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Which System Is Right For Your Home?

The majority of residences will benefit from a whole house filtration system, but some commercial properties may not need to invest in this large-scale filtration system. If drinking water is only obtained from a few faucets or spouts, a reverse osmosis system gets the job done more affordably.  

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Have Questions About Your Filtration System? We Can Help

Every home is different. When it comes to something as important as the quality of your water, get peace of mind by consulting the pros. Talk with a Moon Valley representative today by calling 602-253-2600 is or contact us online today for more information.