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What Are The Different Types Of Sewer Cleaning Tools?

Clogging is a significant problem in residential and commercial developments as it creates severe issues in the sewer system. Clogs in your sewer lines can create enough pressure to cause cracks or leakage in your drain lines. You need to contact professional plumbing services when you notice any issue with your drain lines. 

At Moon Valley Plumbing and Rooter, we offer honest, high-quality, and professional plumbing services in Arizona. We also provide high-grade sewer cleaning tools in Phoenix. 

Ask the Right Questions First

When you contact Moon Valley, we ask the right questions to guide us on the equipment to carry for the plumbing job. We mainly enquire about the type of drain and the type of clog.

Types of Drains

  • Bathtubs and showers

At Moon Valley Plumbing, we use a 3/8 cable for clearing a slow-draining tub or clogs in tubs and showers. If the clog cannot be reached through the overflow and drain, we will go on the roof and cable through the roof vent.

  • Toilets and urinals

The closet auger is the appropriate tool for clearing a stoppage in a toilet. It has a spring that makes it flexible to go through the tight bend in a bowl. We use a telescoping auger for clogs beyond the bowl. We use the urinal auger for urinals as it can go through tight bends.

  • Sinks, laundry tubs, and roof vents

We recommend using handheld models with ¼, 5/16, or 3/8 inch cables as they are suitable for clearing all small diameter drain lines. 

  • Small floor drains and cleanouts

There are wide varieties of machines you can use to clear small floor drains with added features. The most suitable tool for unblocking 2-4 inch drain lines is that with a 3/8 or ½-inch cable. 

  • Floor drains and mainlines

We use heavy-duty sewer cleaning tools with large diameters and strong cables, as they produce enough torque to clear tough clogs and cut through tree roots. The major machines we use to clear floor drains and mainlines include sectional drain cleaning and drum-type drain cleaning machines. We use a picote machine on cast iron to clean out most of the scaling and build-up.

Type of Clogs

Some of the significant causes of clogs in drain lines include:

  • Foreign objects 

We use cable machines and attach other retrieving tools when removing foreign objects such as toys and broken cables, causing stoppage on your drain lines.

  • Grease, Ice, Sand, and Mud

We use water jets to clear grease clogs in residential homes and restaurants. Water jets use high-pressure water to knock and flush away grease stoppages. They also clear sand, and mud clog on metal and plastic drain lines.

  • Debris

Soap, hair, and scales are the common causes of debris blockages. We use cable drain cleaners to clear debris in residential homes.

Major Types of Sewer Cables and Drain Snakes

We ensure to select the correct size and type of sewer cable to remove drain clogs successfully. Good drain sewer cleaning cables are flexible and strong to generate enough torque. Some of the sewer cables and drainage snakes we offer include:

  • The inner core cable is the heaviest and is fitted with nylon strands. This makes it stiff and takes longer to develop torque.
  • The double wounds drain cleaning cable is the strongest and lightest sewer cable. It is intended for use in pipes with fewer bends.
  • No core drain cables are suitable for small residential pipes that are difficult to navigate with heavier cables. 

Always choose the correct sewer cleaning tools, and ask the right questions before starting a plumbing and rooting job. This is important as it helps you do the job quickly, easily saving your client unnecessary expenses. 

Why Choose Moon Valley Plumbing?

Always choose Moon Valley Plumbing since we are licensed, insured, clean, professional, and highly affordable. Contact us for professional plumbing work in Arizona.