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Plumbing Problems That Only a Skilled Plumbing Technician Can Find

Leaky pipes, a dripping faucet, a clogged drain — these are obvious plumbing issues that an average homeowner can detect without the help of an expert. If you’re confident, you might even try to fix them yourself. But doing so might lead to much bigger problems. You might not know when you’re making a mistake.

Fortunately, an experienced plumbing technician has the skills to identify and fix any plumbing issues, especially those problems you didn’t know existed in the first place. Here are some deeply seated plumbing issues that only an expert can find.

Hidden Leaks

Hidden, slow leaks in your home are one of the main reasons for wasted water. Some leaks are easy to find, especially those from your faucets and other plumbing fixtures. However, most leaks are hardly noticeable, often hidden behind your walls.

These leaks make no sounds, and you can go for weeks or months without knowing about these silent leaks. Such leaks are dangerous if they’re undetected for long. Your water bills may keep increasing, not to mention the extensive damage that may occur to your home’s structure. Some subtle signs of hidden leaks include:

  • Unexplained stains on your wall
  • Presence of mold and mildew
  • A musky odor, usually behind a wall
  • A wet ceiling or floor

Even if you notice these signs, it can be impossible to tell the exact point of the leak. Only an expert plumbing technician can identify the source. They have the right skills and equipment to pinpoint where the leak is to help remedy the problem.

Clogs in the Sewer Line

Every fixture in your home is connected to the home’s sewer line. Years of accumulated cooking grease, hair, and other debris might end up clogging your sewer line.

A clogged sewer eventually results in backup in your drains. You might notice other signs such as:

  • Your toilet overflows after draining out your washing machine
  • Your toilet gurgles when you use the sink
  • Your bathtub fills up with wastewater after flushing the toilet

Stubborn clogs will need a lot more effort to be cleared out, aside from the usual tactics of using a plunger or emptying a bottle of chemicals. Therefore, if you attempt to fix the issue by yourself, it will likely end in disaster. You could end up causing more damage than there was to begin with.

Luckily, plumbers have high-grade equipment that can accurately point out a clog in the sewer line. They can draft a plan to solve the problem using the skills and experience they’ve acquired on the job.

Water Line Corrosion

Eroded pipes in your water line are difficult to deal with, especially since they are hidden from plain sight. Corrosion happens through a chemical process known as oxidation.

Oxidation is inevitable, even for the most resilient pipes. They eventually corrode and present more problems for you. Common signs of water line corrosion problem include:

  • Discolored water. You will see tinted water come out of your faucet, especially in the morning when using the tap for the first time in your day.
  • Recurrent clogs. A buildup of mineral deposits from oxidation decreases the size of your pipes. Water pressure then drops drastically.
  • Strange metallic taste. Copper pipes will add a metallic taste to your drinking water, an indication of high corrosion.

Your first thought could involve using chemicals to help eliminate these signs. But again, harsh chemicals will create more damage, eating away at the unaffected sections of your water line.

An experienced plumber will perform a thorough inspection of the piping system and accurately identify corroded areas. The average homeowner might not have the skills and knowledge to safely assess their system without inflicting more damage.

You need your plumbing system to be in excellent working condition all year round. However, plumbing problems can come, which can leave you puzzled and confused. But you don’t have to wait until things get out of hand. Contact Moon Valley Plumbing today and stay ahead of any issues with your system.