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Travis Mingle and his team can be found in every corner of Phoenix.

Since 2003, we’ve been Arizona’s premier plumber because of our commitment to customer service, continuous professional education, and getting the job done right the first time.

We offer a complete range of residential and commercial services in the Phoenix area. From pipe and drain repair and cleaning, to water heater installation, shower and bathtub maintenance, toilet troubles, slab leaks, and much more, we’re up to the job. No matter your issue, we’re ready for the challenge!

Travis D. Mingle

As the Owner/Operator and Founder of Moon Valley Plumbing, Travis has made providing valuable services to the community his life’s work. He’s grateful for the business’s success over the years, but he considers his biggest accomplishment the family atmosphere that has developed within the company. When he gets some spare time, you can find him spending time outdoors with his family.

Kenny Leather

Kenny has been a part of the Moon Valley Plumbing family for more than a decade! He is a customer favorite that has a loyal following. His passion for helping others is apparent through his dedication to customer service and getting the job done right. In his spare time he likes camping and taking spontaneous adventures with his wife.

Daniel Montemayor

Daniel has been in the Moon Valley Plumbing family for almost a decade, helping countless individuals during his time with the company. He says his favorite thing about his job is being around the team. As the Plumbing Foreman, he’s a motivated problem-solver. When he’s not working, he’s coaching his sons various sports teams.

Anthony Villanueva

Anthony has seen a thing or two in his more than two decades as a plumber. With a passion for solving difficult problems, he’s been a valuable part of our team during his 8 years at Moon Valley. A fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the Phoenix Suns, when he’s not on the job, he’s most likely watching the game.

Travis Mingle Jr.

Travis, aka “Junior,” is the son of the company’s founder and has been part of the Moon Valley team for quite some time and takes a great deal of pride in living up to his father’s standards of service. Today, he has more than 10 years of experience as a plumber. His favorite thing about the job is turning someone’s bad day into a good day – something he does on a regular basis. In his spare time he loves getting outdoors and enjoys camping, snowboarding, and spending time with his girls.

Cole Russel

Cole, starting as an apprentice and working his way into the plumber position for the Moon Valley team, has proved to be a customer-favorite over the years. He loves to find solutions to the problems he encounters on the job, and won’t stop until the issue is fixed. When he’s not working hard, he’s spending time outdoors fishing and camping. The only thing he enjoys more is his daddy-daughter time!

Mark Sebella

Mark started with Moon Valley Plumbing in an assistant role, but made his plumbing debut in 2015 and has been getting the job done ever since! When asked about his favorite part of the job he said problem-solving is number one, but getting to meet all the pets is a close second. In his off time, he loves spending time with family, shooting, playing guitar, and rooting on the hometown teams – the Suns, D-Backs, and Cardinals.

George Medina

George is a plumbing industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience under his belt. Before making his way to Phoenix, he was a longtime resident of California. He’s enjoys new adventures and exploring Arizona with his family – which includes 15 grandkids! When it comes to sports, George is an avid Raiders fan. Don’t hold it against him though…he’s one of the best at what he does.

Jason Feick

Jason has more than a decade of total plumbing experience, the last four of which have come as a part of the Moon Valley team. He enjoys all aspects of the job, from the technical stuff, to the problem-solving, he’s never been one to shy away from a challenge. When he’s not working, you’re likely to find him out on the course enjoying 18 holes. He’s a sports fan who likes rooting for the Cardinals and following his favorite golfers on the PGA Tour.

Jerry Turner

As a 20-year plumbing veteran, the last four of which he’s spent with Moon Valley Plumbing, Jerry knows his way around a busted pipe and can fix just about anything. He loves the feeling of “saving the day” when a customer has a problem, and he’s done it countless times over the past couple of decades. In his off time, he loves camping and listening to music.

Hayden Mattix

Hayden has been a plumber for 5 years, the last 3 of which he’s spent with Moon Valley. The customers he’s worked with over the years have said they appreciate his willingness to explain the problem and show how he’s going to fix it, and often note that he’s a trustworthy individual. In his spare time, Hayden is an outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing.

Todd Adair

Todd has been a plumber for 5 years, the last two of which have been spent with our team! His favorite part of the job is understanding the mechanics of a problem and finding a solution – fixing something that seemed impossible. He’s an adrenaline junkie and loves wakeboarding, repelling and even skydiving! When he’s not working, you can find him playing hockey, working out at the gym, or cheering on his beloved Atlanta sports teams.

Cole Jenney

A new resident of the Southwest, “CJ” has been in the plumbing industry for more than four years. He received his training at the VO Tech Institute in Pennsylvania. When he’s not on the job, he loves riding dirt bikes and spending time with his family. If you have a favorite outdoor spot, let him know – he’ll add it to his list of places to explore!

Zane Stodghill

With 5 years of prior experience, Zane was able to jump right into the mix when he joined the Moon Valley Plumbing team in 2021. He’s constantly learning, and appreciates the fact that no two jobs are exactly alike. In his off time, he likes camping and off-roading. Another one of his passions fabrication mechanics and working on old cars. This man is not afraid of a little hard work!

Daniel Mena

Daniel is an apprentice plumber and has been with the team since 2021. His favorite part of the job is knowing he played a role in completing a project, and contributing to fixing a customer’s problem. In his off time, he likes trying out new cooking recipes, playing Sudoku and, cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Daniel Nacinovich

Daniel – an apprentice – has already become a valuable addition to the Moon Valley Plumbing team. His favorite part of the job isn’t just the work itself, but the people he’s able to help along the way. Aside from learning and growing in the trade, his interests include cheering on the Suns, playing video games and chess, and traveling outside of the city.

Teresa Coots

Teresa has been a vital part of the Moon Valley Plumbing family for more than a decade, and through her role as controller has helped to contribute to our growth. She loves the camaraderie amongst her coworkers who have created an atmosphere she looks forward to being a part of each day. In her spare time, you can find her spending time with family and friends exploring the United States.

Sharon Mena

Sharon enjoys working behind-the-scenes to keep everything running smoothly. She recognizes that the problems we solve truly make an impact in the lives of customers, and it’s clear to everyone she interacts with that she cares about making people happy. She loves the family atmosphere amongst the Moon Valley team, but when she’s not working she’s out exploring new places.

Greg Valles

Greg is the Equipment/Warehouse Tech for Moon Valley. Throughout his 8 years with the company, he’s enjoyed the feeling of completing a hard day’s work, and is constantly learning new things from other team members. When he’s not putting in the hours in the warehouse, he enjoys flying his drone, honing his shooting skills, and cooking.

Kris Sanders

Kris has been with us for 4 years as a dispatcher, helping to coordinate the schedules of our staff and customers – something she describes as a little “like Tetris” (we can confirm this is accurate). She loves feeling like a part of a family at Moon Valley Plumbing, and is proud to say she’s a part of the company. Kris’s ideal off day includes watching old movies, reading, and spending time with the grandkids.

Julie Stone

Julie has been handling the payroll duties at Moon Valley Plumbing for nearly 4 years. During her time with the company, she’s become close with her coworkers and enjoys being able to contribute to the company by providing fair pricing and honesty to everyone involved with a project. In her spare time, you can find her walking, reading, and going to lunch with her friends.

Darlene Lang

Darlene is one of the newest members of the Moon Valley Plumbing family, but has hit the ground running as our Customer Service Specialist. She has a passion for helping others, which comes through to everyone she works with – both customers and coworkers. She loves the tight-knit work atmosphere, and we’re happy to have her as one of us! In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding and spending time outdoors.