Energy Efficient Requirements For Your Water Heater

The price of a new water heater will go up on April 16th

As a plumbing company, the cost of water heaters is something we think about every day. After all, it’s our business, and one of the things we specialize in here at Moon Valley Plumbing. So, while we’re kind of wondering who chose April 16th – income tax day – as a good time to impose the new energy requirements on water heaters that will raise their prices – we’re not going to ask that question – we’ll just tell you to get ready for it – because it’s coming!

If your water heater will need replacing soon – why not buy a new one now & save some money?

Right now it’s impossible to tell exactly how much the prices for water heaters will go up; but it’s going to impact all electric, gas, and oil water heaters, as well as their installation costs. We’re very much into saving our customers some money, so here’s a tip: if your water heater is already about 8 to 10 years old, it’s going to need replacing soon anyway, so why not buy one of the current models now, before the prices go up. You’ll save money on the price, and you won’t have to deal with higher cost of replacing or installing it again for another 10 years.

How are the water heater standards changing – & what does it mean to homeowners & renters?

Here are some things that will be affected and why, and what they will mean to manufactures, builders, and you as a consumer:

More insulation required means changes in size of water heaters, and output

In order to comply with the new federal standards, water heater manufacturers will have to alter their equipment designs to improve the insulation for all water heaters, both gas and electric. This means that water heaters manufactured after April 16th, 2015, will either be significantly bigger, or – if their circumference remains the same – the hot water capacity will decrease by as much as 10%. This will result in higher manufacturing costs, which will be passed on to consumers.

Installation space requirements will increase – water heaters may need to be moved

Current homes have been designed and constructed with smaller spaces for water heaters that fit the current standards. For the new, larger water heaters, those spaces may have to be enlarged, or the water heater may have to be moved to another area if it doesn’t fit. This raises the cost of installation, which will mean that installation costs for water heaters will rise.

Changes will affect buildings with multiple units the most

Apartment complexes & condos will likely be hit the hardest, which will affect renters and the cost of rent. The older floor plans in these buildings don’t have any kind of extra space built in the way stand-alone homes do, so the larger tanks that will be required may not fit, and there’s nowhere else they can be moved. This means that apartment/condo owners may have to switch out their tank water heaters for a tankless water heater system, and that’s a bigger cost up front.

The new water heater standards will save both money & the planet in the long run

Change is never easy, even when it’s positive. And while we want to save our customers money wherever we can, we’re also very much into energy conservation here at Moon Valley Plumbing. So, while we want you to know that even though it’s going to cost a little more money up front, the good news is that the new energy standards for water heaters will mean savings of approximately $63 billion on long-term hot water costs from 2015 through 2044. And the even better news is that – for our planet and our children – these new standards will prevent 172.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of the emissions that 33.8 billion automobiles would put out!

That alone is reason enough to make a change for the better!

Though the new regulations for water heaters will impact the manufactures and builders this year, it’s likely you won’t notice it the way we will at Moon Valley Plumbing, but we wanted you to know anyway. As a matter of fact, if you’re a homeowner, you might not even become aware of it until you find yourself in a cold shower some morning – when that old water heater finally gives out. But no matter what you’re dealing with – a hot water heater that needs fixing, replacing, or upgrading – Moon Valley Plumbing has your back!