Green Initiatives

One of the top values of the company is to promote “green” initiatives like tankless water heaters and high-efficiency toilets. The Moon Valley Plumbing team provides complimentary consultations to homeowners to determine the efficiency and environmental friendliness of current appliances.
Customers interested in reducing their “carbon footprint” are also turning to solar-powered hot water heating systems, which turn homes into cost-efficient, greener places. Most customers find that they save an average of $500 a year off their energy bill, so the payoff is well worth the initial investment.
“We usually find that 90% of the homes in this region have some sort of energy-wasting, comfort-robbing, or expensive problems related to plumbing,” says Mingle. “Our job is to detect the problem and implement price-conscious, efficient solutions for each challenge we encounter.”

Moon Valley Plumbing also counsels customers about the new tax credits available to those who choose to go green and replace their air conditioning units, water heaters, toilets, and major appliances with newer, non-ozone damaging, energy-efficient models.

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