Plumbing Tip: Always Check Your Water Pressure

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Much like the human body, a home is composed of individual parts with specific jobs, working together for optimum efficiency. In this context, water pressure acts similarly to blood pressure within a body; if a home’s water pressure is too high, the rest of the house is put under stress and unable to function efficiently. Because of this, it is imperative to always check your water pressure.

Checking Your Water pressure: Why It’s Important

Low water pressure can be agitating for showers and dishwashing; however, high water pressure can cause a multitude of serious household problems. Water pressure over 75 PSI (pounds per square inch) can lead to:

  • Pipe damage
  • Water waste
  • Leaks
  • Costly damages

Fixtures such as water heaters, faucets and toilets may break down due to the ongoing stress of high pressure. What’s more, your water bill is bound to skyrocket if the pressure is not reduced to a safer level.

Signs Your Water Pressure May Be High

Perhaps your toilet runs late at night or you wake up in the morning to a pool of water around the faucet; these are both common signs that your water pressure may be too high. Additional signs include:

  • Banging pipes
  • A failing water heater
  • Spitting from your faucet aerator when it is turned on
  • Trouble with your washing machine and/or dishwasher

These signs are all indications that it is time to check your water pressure.

How to Check Your Water Pressure

Luckily, checking your water pressure is easy and affordable. All you need to do is:

  1. Buy a residential water pressure gauge from a hardware store. These affordable gauges should fit into any household hose bib. Some more expensive gauges, around $25, have a resettable needle to record water pressure overnight.
  1. Turn off any appliances that use water, such as faucets, washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators with ice makers. If you do not turn off these appliances, you may receive a false low reading due to water moving elsewhere throughout the house.
  1. Attach your water pressure gauge to a hose bib. The water outlet should be close to your home’s main water supply source. Therefore, if your water supply comes from a well, use an outlet that is close to the well’s pressure tank; alternatively, if your water is supplied by the city, choose a faucet near the water meter. Once the gauge is attached, open the water supply valve slowly (source).
  1. Once the water supply valve is open, wait for the needle on the gauge to stop moving before reading the pressure.
  1. Once you get a reading, test the pressure again to ensure accuracy.

What Causes High Water Pressure?

High water pressure may be the result of multiple causes (source). Sometimes, municipal water suppliers set the local water pressure to a setting as high as over 100 PSI for fire hydrants or tall buildings, which can impact your own water pressure. Your water pressure may also increase due to expansion from your water heater, or in some cases, be the result of a home with a downhill slope.

How to Solve the Problem

If your water pressure reads above 75 PSI, contact Moon Valley Plumbing for assistance. We will happily install a pressure regulator, which ensures the pressure inside your home is maintained to a safe pressure.

Travis Mingle and his team of professionals at MVP are equipped with over two decades of experience known throughout the valley for their honesty and professionalism. Don’t put stress on your home. If you’re concerned about your water pressure, contact Moon Valley Plumbing today at (480) 588-1926.

5 Ways Your Local Plumber Will Increase Your Property’s Value

5 Ways Your Local Plumber Will Increase Your Property’s Value

Whether you’re planning on selling your property at its highest value now, or are simply looking to be a savvy property owner who maintains value over time, your plumber may be a greater part of the moneymaking formula than you realize.

Your friendly professionals at Moon Valley Plumbing know that from inspections and regular maintenance, to replacements and upgrades, there are simple services your plumber can provide that will make your property catch the careful eye of any potential buyer. Interested in learning how your plumber can get you more money in your pocket? Check out these 5 tips below!

5 Ways Your Plumber Can Raise Your Property’s Resale Value

A 260% average return on investment is at hand by simply updating your property’s plumbing and electrical. To make sure you make the most from your sale, maintain your plumbing and fixtures as well as utilize these inexpensive, yet effective steps.

1. Inspect: your property may have plumbing issues you may not be aware of. An inspection given by a professional plumber will scope out any hidden problems, ensuring that potential buyers will not spot any issues, and that your plumbing will not cause any serious damage down the road. Here at Moon Valley, we take our time to inspect your home carefully, yet efficiently, at guaranteed low prices.


2. Go green: becoming a part of the green movement will not only help protect the environment, but will also save you money, as well as attract potential buyers looking to save energy, water and money as well. Having your plumber install low flow shower heads and faucets and energy-efficient toilets in your bathrooms is a simple step in the green direction! 


3. Upgrade: an easy and inexpensive upgrade is to replace basic fixtures with higher-end finished fixtures like nickel, copper and brass. You can also consider more luxurious upgrades that don’t hit the wallet too hard, but do stand as an enticing addition for your potential buyers. Multi-sprayer showerheads and large bathtubs with jets are examples of bathroom luxuries that can add value to your home.


4. Follow up: when it comes to your plumbing, time doesn’t heal all! The longer you wait to contact your plumber, the worse the issue will become. As soon as you discover a plumbing problem, call Moon Valley Plumbing to ensure a speedy and quality repair. Our 24-Hour Emergency Service can come in handy!


5. Ask questions: the professionals at Moon Valley Plumbing are eager to help, so never hesitate to contact your friendly neighborhood plumbers with any questions or concerns! We would love to help make your property as valuable as it can be, and have the skills and knowledge necessary to offer the value you and your property deserve.


Interested in having your property’s plumbing inspected? Moon Valley Plumbing is offering a FREE plumbing inspection that’s just a click away! This initial inspection is a great way for our professionals to help you determine how best to raise your resale value. Let’s get you the value you deserve!












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