4 Tips that will Help You Save Water in the Coming Summer

Save Water in the Coming Summer

4 Tips that will Help You Save Water in the Coming Summer

You can feel it already, the heat creeping into the middle of our days; before we know it our brief Arizona spring will be a thing of the past and Phoenix’s famous summer will be upon us.
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One of the only ways residents of Arizona and the Phoenix Metropolitan area such as: Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa can cool off during the long formidable summers is through water, lots and lots of water.  Pools are an extremely widespread luxury in Phoenix.  Their commonality is most evident when flying in to Sky Harbor, it seems as if every house has little aqua and blue squares in their backyards.

Though we treasure our pools, they do require a lot of work and upkeep.  The constant running of your pool equipment, more frequent showers due to perspiration and the need to cool off as well as the extra water you will have to distribute for your plants, yard and pets all will put additional pressure on your pipes and plumbing systems.

Before Phoenix’s summer hits in full force is the best time to make sure that all of your pipes and plumbing are in working condition.  Having your air conditioner break down in the middle of the summer is terrible, but having to turn off your water for a day to make repairs can be equally as terrible and frustrating.  Here are 4 preventative tips that you can take to make sure that your coming summer isn’t touched by a plumbing disaster.

1.  It is inevitable that your water and electric bills are going to go up during the summer.  In order to try and cut back on this as much as possible, go through your home and check for leaks.  Leaks can waste a larger amount of money then you can imagine and over time worsen and cost you a ton of money.  So get them fixed quick!

2.  The average swimming pool takes 18,000-20,000 gallons of water to fill.  Though you usually have to fill your pool all the way up just once, you should monitor it for leaks as well.  In order to conserve water, lessen your water bill and protect your pipes, you can look into getting a pool cover which helps a lot with evaporation.

3.  Sometimes cracks and clogging issues are hidden deep within pipes.  Moon Valley Plumbing has video technology that gives us a leg up on finding the leaks and problems even in the most inconvenient places.  We are able to thread the video equipment into the smallest pipes and crevices and the camera then records the images.

4.  Make sure that you are watering your grass and landscaping at night in order cut back on the amount of water that is wasted from evaporation when watering occurs in the middle of the day.  Also, make sure that your sprinklers are not constantly hitting the sidewalk or the driveway.  Adjust them so that the water is hitting its mark and not being wasted and make sure that you turn them off completely if it is going to rain.

These tips will help you save water and money money during the long, hot months of summers.  If you check your home for leaks and find one, give your friendly neighborhood plumber, Moon Valley a call.  We can also come out and perform a video inspection on any pipes that you are concerned about, so you can enjoy the water coming from your pipes worry free.

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Harnessing the Heat

Sometimes in July or August, we who called the Valley of the Sun our home, might think, “Of all the places we could live why do we live in an oven?” Well because it is a dry heat or because the winters are so beautiful or because the sunsets are very spectacular. Whether it is work, family or a hatred of snow that keeps you residing in the great state of Arizona, your reasons are unique to you; but the sun and the heat and the sunburns are things that we all share.

Harvesting the sun’s vibrant energy has been a constant movement in many of today’s industries and also in the plumbing community; of all the states in the USA, solar water heaters in Arizona, almost seems like common sense. The government has offered many incentives to homeowners to make the installation of a solar water heater attractive. Here is a look at 3 of them:

One federally funded program, on the state level is, the Residential Energy Conservation Subsidy Exclusion, this program allows you to exclude from your gross income the cost of purchasing and installing an energy conservative unit in your residence. The Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit also provides incentives for solar water heaters by providing, on your income taxes, a credit of 30% of the total system cost until the year 2016. The Federal Energy-Efficient Mortgages offers homeowners the option to take advantage of financing options for energy efficient improvements to their existing homes.

If you are a homeowner, something to think about also is that adding energy efficient appliances to your home is an attractive feature in this housing market (especially when you get a little incentive from the government) and can help boost up the buying-power of your home when it comes time to sell.

Moon Valley Plumbing has been working, living and thriving in the desert heat for the past two decades and we know how the sun can work in our favor when it comes to solar water heaters. There are some encouraging factors for homeowners to think about and look into as well when it comes to choosing between a gas, electric or solar water heater. Moon Valley Plumbing offers a wide selection of high-quality water heaters and is ready and able to provide excellent services to all your hot water needs. Many things come and go, but the heat and the enjoyment of a hot shower, even in Glendale, Phoenix or any part of the desert are here to stay.