Grundfos Comfort System

The average home wastes 11,461 gallons of water a year. Don’t let 11,461 gallons go down the drain in vain.

The average home wastes over 31 gallons a day and over 11,000 gallons a year waiting for hot water. That’s not just wasted water, that’s wasted money and wasted time. But you don’t have to take it anymore. The Grundfos Comfort System pumps hot water through your existing pipes, so hot water is never wasted and comfortable water is always at hand—in an instant. With Grundfos, you save water from needless waste, you save money on your water bill and you save time waiting for hot water. Saving water and money has never felt so good. Yes, hot water recirculation works. No, it’s not hard work.

The Grundfos Comfort System is really quite simple. Unused hot water is recirculated back to the hot water heater by using the cold water line as the return line. A pump forces  the unused water back into the cold water supply line at a slow and steady pace. So water is neither too cold nor too hot—it’s always just right.

Installation is easy. There’s no return line to install and no electricity required under the sink. Moon Valley Plumbing just installs the pump, a valve and a few accessories. Plus, the system uses less energythan a 25-watt light bulb.

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