Stave off Pool Problems this Spring

Stave off Pool Problems this Spring

Stave off Plumbing and Pool Problems this Spring

One of the highlights of Glen Hawkins’ life of retirement is his backyard pool. He loves entertaining friends by its crystal blue waters, hosting a game of pool volleyball, and catching some rays by the pool during his lunch break. He even enjoys skimming leaves off the pool during his morning chore routine. But what he doesn’t like are the plumbing problems that have recently cast a dark shadow on a favorite hobby.

Stave off Pool Problems this Spring
In recent months Glen has noticed some issues with water circulation and filtration, and he’s received some crazy high water bills he suspects are related to the pool. Fortunately, he knows his limitations on playing Amateur Fix-It Man, and he’s called the experts at Moon Valley Plumbing. As Spring unfolds, the plumbing team at Moon Valley Plumbing offers some helpful educating and advising of frustrated pool-lovers like Glen.

First, swimming pool plumbing seeks to meet two objectives–circulation and filtration of the water in the pool. Pools are typically self-contained systems needing little connection with external sources of drawing or disposing water. Rather, water from the pool is drawn up into the pump from drains and skimmers by pumping. It then passes through the main filter and through the heater before being finally transferred to the pool via the “returns,” or the piping used for returning water. 

PVC pipes circulate water into and out of the pool, but sometimes pools have old, faulty, inadequate, or leaking pipes or fittings. A knowledgeable plumber can check to see that there are several working drains and water skimmers to facilitate water flow, circulation and filtration; they can check for and fix clogs, and they can ensure that the pool adheres to important plumbing codes.

There’s no better time than Spring to get your pool questions answered and your pool up to speed for fun and entertainment.  So call Moon Valley Plumbing now for your complimentary pool consultation, and free yourself to focus on that tan!