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Home plumbing inspections are essential for the wellness of every home. A thorough plumbing inspection checks your home filtration system, drainage and ventilation systems, fixtures, toilets, and more. But many homeowners don’t invest in regular plumbing services like inspections, which leaves the door open for a host of potential problems brewing in the background.

Importance of a Home Plumbing Inspection

While a routine plumbing inspection may not be at the top of your home maintenance list, it allows for early detection of potential plumbing problems that affect whole-house wellness. The truth is, many common plumbing problems can become major repairs later on.

Even worse, these telltale signs are generally passed off as pesky issues that most homes will encounter. Not only do plumbing issues impact the integrity of your home, but they can really burn a hole in your pockets.

This is why investing in a routine plumbing inspection is an excellent investment in the long term. Inspections enable homeowners to be proactive by staying on top of potential plumbing problems. Not only that, but a plumbing inspection also saves homeowners a lot of time, money, and unnecessary stress. Don’t forget that inspections can also extend the life of your entire plumbing system.



Water Leaks

4 Signs you Need a Home Plumbing Inspection

Some of the most common plumbing problems indicate that homeowners need to get an inspection from a professional. However, many homeowners often overlook these issues, assuming they will go away. To help you be more proactive, we’re going to share some of the most common signs that it’s time to get a plumbing inspection for your home. 

Low Water Levels

Experiencing low water levels in your home certainly shouldn’t be ignored. If you notice low water levels in places like your toilet, or you’re noticing the water levels are fluctuating, a plumbing inspection is needed to find the root of the issue. 

Slow Drains

Another telltale sign that you need a plumbing inspection is slow drains. Be sure to pay attention to drains in your homes, such as the shower or sink. If the water is taking a long time to drain, there’s a possibility that you’re experiencing a backup or a failure somewhere in your plumbing system. Fixing a slow drain isn’t a DIY project; it’s important to hire a professional plumber to avoid further damage to your pipes. 

Musty Smells and Discolored Walls

If you notice a musty smell throughout your home or notice that your walls are discolored, there’s a strong possibility that you’re dealing with leaky pipes. This type of leak likely means that you have a bigger issue brewing internally. It’s important to call a plumber for an inspection as soon as possible. 

High Water Bill

Don’t pass off a high water bill as an increase in water usage. If you notice your water bill is higher than usual, this is certainly something to take a closer look at. An increase in your water bill (such as from a rate change) should happen gradually. But if you notice that your water bill has spiked significantly, there’s a chance that something is going on with your plumbing system.

There’s a possibility that your home is experiencing a draining problem, or there may be a leaky pipe. Either way, it’s important to call a plumbing professional, especially if you can’t identify the source of the issue. 

Quality Home Plumbing Inspections in Phoenix, Arizona

Home plumbing inspections are the best way to protect your home against unexpected plumbing problems. Moon Valley Plumbing is a family-owned company dedicated to helping homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona, receive the quality plumbing services they need.

We are highly invested in your comfort and safety and offer a variety of services to protect your plumbing system. Whether you need trenchless sewer repair or emergency services, we have you covered. Contact us today to learn more.