Equipment Repairs & Installs

Phoenix Water Heater Repair Service


Service Brand Disposals
At Moon Valley Plumbing, we sell, install and service brand-name disposals in homes of all sizes. The new brands are able to grind more with less noise, and new technology in several top brands lets you grind almost any food waste, including celery, potato peels, chicken bones, and more.

Water SoftenersPhoenix Water Heater Repair

Water Softeners- Pipes and Appliances Last Longer
Although hard water is beneficial in many ways, it creates problems with build-up of calcium and magnesium in plumbing pipes, appliances, and hot water heaters–which can be quite costly each year. We install water softener units in homes and businesses to counteract the negative effects of hard water and to help pipes and appliances last longer.
Not only do we install your water softener, we can perform an annual maintenance, such as filter replacements and salt replenishment.

Water Heaters (Regular Tankless)

Water Heater
Dependable Gas and Electric Water Heaters
Moon Valley Plumbing offers a wide selection of top-quality, dependable gas and electric water heaters as well as the new tankless water heaters that furnish instantly hot water. No matter what the need or size of the home, we can deliver a unique water heater solution at a great value for every customer.

Phoenix Water Heater Repair Service

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