That Jammed Disposal!

This summer we spent some time at a glorious beach house, which was perfect in every way but one…  It had an easily-jam-able disposal.  But it was no wonder — Several of the ladies had made a huge dinner, and they had shoved everything from potato skins to corn husks down into that dark abyss.  […]

Leaving town for the holidays? Here are few short plumbing tips:

Here are few short plumbing tips: •    Shut off the water.  Relieve pressure by turning all faucets on and let the remaining water run out. •    If you have a gas water heater turn it to vacation mode. •    If you have an electric water heater turn the breaker off so no electricity is running […]

Crazy Water Bill? Could be a “Loo Leak!”

Last month Lucy Greene stared at her water bill in horror.  It was $93 higher than the previous month. “Bob!”  she yelled to her husband.  “Do we have a swimming pool I don’t know about?”  Bob came bounding down the stairs and grabbed the bill.  “Not a pool,” he answered, “but I think I can […]