Stave off Pool Problems this Spring

Stave off Pool Problems this Spring Stave off Plumbing and Pool Problems this Spring One of the highlights of Glen Hawkins’ life of retirement is his backyard pool. He loves entertaining friends by its crystal blue waters, hosting a game of pool volleyball, and catching some rays by the pool during his lunch break. He […]

What You Need to Know About Toilets!

Even with new toilets averaging 1.6 gallons per flush toilets consume 27 % of the water in the home. You can save water and money by checking for leaks, replacing your flapper and installing a fill cycle diverter or upgrading to a high-effiency toilet. New low-flow toilets typically use two methods of flushing. Most consumer […]

Picking the Right Water Heater

Picking the Right Water Heater In all our years of servicing Arizona residents’ plumbing needs, we’ve noticed a trend.  People often spend more time picking the right dishwasher or even coffee maker than they do their water heater. But choosing the right water heater from the myriad of choices on the market today is actually […]

Top 10 Water Heater Safety Tips

1. Set water temperature at 120 degrees 2. Make sure all combustable material  is 3 feet away from the water heater 4. Test the T & P relief valve once a year 5. Have the drain valve tested for clean out 6. Make sure the pedestal is mounted at correct height for location 7. Make […]

100 Ways To Conserve