The Plumbers and Pilots Parody

Great businesses and companies are like a great machine. Each has so many intricate parts, all working and moving towards a singular goal. When it comes to visualizing machines, we like to compare Moon Valley Plumbing to the likeness of a great aircraft. Our owner, Travis Mingle, is like our steady pilot, bringing each job […]

Harnessing the Heat

Sometimes in July or August, we who called the Valley of the Sun our home, might think, “Of all the places we could live why do we live in an oven?” Well because it is a dry heat or because the winters are so beautiful or because the sunsets are very spectacular. Whether it is […]

The Top 10 reasons to choose Moon Valley for plumbing needs

The Top 10 reasons to choose Moon Valley for plumbing needs in Phoenix Why hire us for your plumbing needs in Phoenix Owner Travis Mingle and our team have over two decades of experience. We are not only experts in our field, but we’re known throughout the valley for our honesty and professionalism. We only […]

Plumbing in the Summer Heat

The Arizona summer will be here before we know it. Kids will be out of school, boats will fill Lake Pleasant, paddle-boaters will speckle Tempe Town Lake and Arizonians will be looking for new ways to stay cool and to ride out the heat until probably October. Most of us know what we are in […]

Blunders, Heroes and Plumbers

We have all felt it, that sinking feeling in the pit of our stomachs when we have said or done something that we realize we probably cannot fix or restore. It is at these times that we desperately wish that life had a rewind or at the very least a pause button or that Twix’s […]