Slab Leak repair in Phoenix

What are the slab leak repair cost in Phoenix

Slab leak repair cost in Phoenix depends on individual servicing company, besides, the cost also depends on the type of leak to be repaired. There are two main options when repairing a slab leak. The first has to do with excavating down to the defective water line, cutting out the damaged section and replacing it. This is generally referred to as a spot repair. The second involves abandoning the questionable water line and redirecting it with a new water line. This option is commonly referred to as a reroute. While the former option sounds like it may be more work, but it’s often not. The latter option, whenever possible, is widely considered the more desirable one, as here a water line that has already displayed failure is forever discarded.

Slab Leak repair in Phoenix
This option of complete replacement avoids invasive demolition of the concrete slab, typically requires cutting into drywall to some extent. If your home was built using building materials containing asbestos. If this is the case, then it is always a good idea to choose a company that I well trained and certified in handling these potentially harmful minerals. The precautions when handling asbestos involves careful dust control. Even if your home is newer, keeping your home dust free during the repair process is always favorable, so using a company competent in dust control always makes sense anyway.

Determining factor of the cost of slab repair

Obviously the resources and accessibility when performing a reroute has great influence on repair cost. Whether the same company will be used for reconstruction or not, these expenses should be taken into consideration as well. If a spot repair is the only viable option, and the excavation results in demolition of kitchen cabinets, for instance, the reconstruction costs associated with the repair could easily exceed that of the plumbing repairs themselves. Should you feel you need help with a slab leak repair, let us know at Moonvalley Plumbing as we are always here to help you.

In our opinion, we believed that it is always a good thing to call your insurance company to see if you have coverage for a repair of slab leak. Many times your insurance company will cover the damage that was either caused by the slab leak or the slab leak repair. Most leaks on Phoenix happen all over the valley and it is important that you choose Moonvalley plumbing base on the fact that we have vast experience in slab repairs. We have some of the highest customer satisfaction rankings in the Industry and the whole industry. Contact us today.