Why does my water smell terrible?

My water smells bad ! -Why?

There re several reasons why your water smells bad

Taste and smell are closely linked – without smell we couldn’t taste anything. So chances are that if you’re having problems with the taste of your water – you’re also having problems with the smell of it. It can be confusing, in fact. It may seem like your water tastes bad, but when you really taste it – it tastes fine. The fact is that the smell affects how you “perceive” the taste of your water. Here are the offending parties when it comes to odiferous water:

water smells bad

  • The bad smell may not be in your water – it may be in your drains: When it comes to smells, there is one important caveat: while it can be caused by an outer issue – often, the problem is actually inside the system, that is – inside your drain, your pipes, or your water heater rather than in the water itself. You can test this yourself by running a glass of water, stepping away from the sink or tub – and then smelling it. If you don’t smell anything from the glass when you step away, then what you’re smelling isn’t the water, it’s bacteria, algae, and mold from old food particles, grease, and other unsavory thing growing in your drains. Dealing with the issue in your drain is a fairly simple procedure: a flush with baking soda, vinegar, or a commercial drain cleaning agent should take care of it.
  • Water smells bad but the smell may not be in your water – it may be in your water heater: If you are be dealing with water that smells like rotten eggs, it’s sulfur, and that generally means there’s a problem in your water heater. If it’s in your water heater, then you may need to sanitize your water heater, or replace a magnesium anode rod in it, because it is reacting badly to the minerals in Arizona’s water system. If you’re feeling handy, there are DIY “Water Heater Odor Killer Kits” that you can get at any big box home improvement store that you can use to take care of the problem. This is a many-multi-step procedure, however, which does require some tools and partial drainage of your water heater, so be sure and allow an afternoon to a day to handle it. Or – if you don’t feel like dealing with it yourself, go ahead and give us a call and let us come out and take care of it for you. We’ve got the “stuff” to make it an easy fix, and the cost in time and supplies is comparable – and easier – than trying to go it alone! hydrogen gas sulfide hydrogen sulfide hot hot water odors rotten egg rotten egg hydrogen water sources heater hydrogen gas water heaters hydrogen sulfide water sulfide water
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