Why is the water coming out of my faucet is a weird color?

Weird water is probably the major reason you see people lugging those huge jugs that you refill at the water vending machines in front of supermarkets, or spending hundreds of dollars a year on bottled water. When it’s a problem with water, water that’s an odd color is probably one of the most alarming complaints we get, so here are some causes of it:

Blackish water: If you have water that is a “black” color, then the most obvious possibility is that it’s magnesium; it’s often found in water and when you mix it with oxygen, it will turn black. Look inside your toilet tank. Is the inside black? Then you have magnesium in the water.

Blackish water, a second possibility: Another reason your water make be a dingy color is that you have a galvanized or steel plumbing system – then you might be getting mineral flakes from the exposed rust – which is iron.

Blackish water, third possibility: If you already have a water softening system, then it could be the resin beads that naturally form from the water softening agent.

Faintly pink or red orangey water: Water that leaves rings on your sink or tub that are pinkish, reddish, or orangeish mean that you have a lot of minerals in your water. Most often, this happens when a home is on a well system rather than a municipal or city plumbing system.

Definitely red or even brown water: If you’ve got a strong color of reddish brown in your water – then it’s definitely rust, which means your pipes are degrading.

None of the above will hurt you, but none of the above are exactly attractive or tasty either. If any of the above really bothers you, the answer is a water filtration system. One of the water filtration specialists here at Moon Valley can come out and test your water, diagnose the problem, and help you pick the best filtering system for your home and the size of your family. Likewise, if your water is definitely rusty, it’s probably going to mean a plumbing overhaul at some point, so give us a call – we can handle that too.