Travis Talks About Water Conservation and the 8 Most Common Water Leaks In Your Home

8 Most Common Water Leaks

Travis Talks About Water Conservation and the 8 Most Common Water Leaks In Your Home

Water Is Precious in Arizona
Water Leaks
Water and air – they’re our two most precious natural resources. Without them – there’s no survival. So – when you live in Arizona – water is something you become hyper-aware of, because our water resources are in serious decline. Water conservation is not just a concern here in the Valley of the Sun – it’s vitally important to everyone.


At Moon Valley Plumbing Water Conservation Is Key

Here at Moon Valley Plumbing, we like to keep an eye on the fact that what we do has an impact on environmental health – and what we’re leaving to our children. Plumbing isn’t “just a job” for us – it’s important because we know we make a difference. Plumbing is what keeps water flowing through our homes and cities, and protecting that water supply is crucial – on a personal, national, and global level. We take that very seriously.


Wasting Water Is Not an Option

Given how important our water resources are – the idea of wasting water just isn’t something you shrug your shoulders about and say, “Ah, no big deal. I’ll think about it tomorrow.” Wasting water in this current ecological climate is irresponsible. And if it’s being wasted because of something as small and easily fixed as a leak – that makes it almost immoral.


Save $ and Save the Environment! Know Where the Problems Are

That’s why we have a two-part mission statement at Moon Valley Plumbing – our first mission is to take care of our customers – and our other first mission is to take care of the planet. As head of this company feel that part of how we do that is through education – for both our customers and ourselves. We look for ways we can help our customers make positive changes around the home that saves both money and the environment.


Here are 8 of the most common reasons you may have a leak that’s costing you money – and wasting water:


  1. toilets – cracked bowls or tanks, deteriorating tank bowl gaskets, a faulty float, worn gaskets, washers or bolts
  2. washing machines – loose connections or pinhole leaks in the fill hoses, a hole in the water pump, using too much detergent or the wrong kind of detergent, worn rubber hoses and washers, worn seals in front loaders, worn seals in drums
  3. dishwashers – leaking dishwasher door because latch not working correctly, leak in dishwasher tub, damaged drain hoses, worn connections and clamps, stuck water inlet valve, cracked hoses, dishwasher not level, wrong or too much detergent, over-filling the dishwasher
  4. faucets – problem with the o ring, corrode valves or valve seat, worn washers, washer installed incorrectly, have many moving part, worn seals, loose screws, rings, and nuts
  5. pipes – cracks, worn fittings, roots, corrosion all contribute to creating pipe leaks; because pipes are generally underground or in walls, they are often difficult to spot and go undetected too long, causing even more water loss
  6. corrosion – rust in any part of the plumbing system where there is metal, either metal pipes, fixtures, or fittings will weaken pipes causing leaks
  7. pipe joints – every length of pipe in your system – whether copper or plastic – is connected via a joint fixture; these wear out and loosen
  8. water pressure – water pressure that’s too high puts constant stress on every pipe, joint, fitting, faucet, and appliance in a home, causing cracks, pinholes, and loose mountings


First – Do No Harm – Figure Out What’s Leaking So You Can Fix It!

Our next blog will cover ways to figure out if you have leaks and where they are, but if that’s difficult for you, know that we’re always available to come and check your water meter, water usage, and plumbing system. We can help you figure out if your family is using a reasonable amount of water – or if there’s a problem somewhere that you need to fix. Generally, if your water bill is making you crazy – you’ve probably got a leak somewhere, so let us come help you find it. Helping our customers is what we do best – so give us a call!



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