4 Reasons You Should Install a Garbage Disposal

The Garbage Disposal – One of the Great Inventions of the 20th Century! 

4 Reasons You Should Install a Garbage Disposal

4 Reasons You Should Install a Garbage Disposal

The InSinkErator Was Born in 1933

The first garbage disposal was called an “InSinkErator,” and it was invented by an architect name John W. Hammes, in Racine, Wisconsin. Apparently, he came up with the idea when he saw his wife wrapping up food scraps in a newspaper before she threw them into the waste can. At the time, the smell of rotting food in the garbage was something everyone had to deal with, as there were regulations prohibiting putting any food and waste down home drains because it damaged the sewer systems. Mr. Hammes thought that – if food could be shredded into tiny pieces before it went down the drains and into the sewer system – it would be a faster, cleaner, and less smelly way to eliminate the problem of food in the garbage.

“InSinkErators” Were Banned at First

It took Mr. Hammes 11 years of testing prototypes that he made in the garage of a mechanic, but he patented his InSinkerator in 1933, and it hit the market in 1940. Unfortunately, though, a lot of cities in the United States prohibited them throughout the ‘30’s and ‘40’s because of the regulations still in existence that prohibited food down the drains. In fact, garbage disposals were illegal in New York City until 1997 because it was thought that food in the sewer system – even food that had been chewed up into tiny bits so it would go through the pipes – was a danger to the city’s plumbing.

Garbage Disposals Are Great – Is It Time You Had One?

Even though InSinkErators proved to be incredibly useful, they didn’t really take off until the 1970’s and 1980’s, but now – they’re considered one of the “must-haves” in any new home on the market. Even if your home is older, and didn’t have a garbage disposal originally, there are many models you can put in that will upgrade your kitchen and make it a friendlier, easier place to cook and clean.

The benefits of garbage disposals are many; if you don’t have one – here a 4 reasons why you might consider putting a garbage disposal in your home:

  1. Saves Plumbing: Garbage disposals reduce the risk of clogging up your sinks and plumbing.
  2. Saves Money: Protecting your plumbing by not putting material down your sinks will save on plumbing repair and replacement bills.
  3. Benefits the Environment: Studies have shown that sending food waste into the sewer system via garbage disposals is not at all harmful to the environment, and far, far better than sending food scraps to landfills. It also cuts down on the use of plastic garbage bags, and inhibits the growth of vermin around landfills.
  4. Benefits Your Home: Food scraps in the garbage cause foul smells, and increases the risk of air-borne bacteria in your home. It also attracts insects and other pests, and that often means calling in an exterminator.

Moon Valley Plumbing Can Handle All Your Garbage Disposal Needs

Moon Valley Plumbing can help you with any plumbing problem or need, and that – of course – includes garbage disposals. If it’s a repair job you need, we have 24-hour emergency plumbing service. Alternatively, if you already have a garbage disposal but it’s seen better days, we’re happy to come help you find the right kind to replace it – fast!

If you’re installing a garbage disposal for the first time, however, and are unsure of what kind is right for your kitchen – you can give us a call on that too. We’re always happy to come out and give consultations. We’ll take into account the structural aspects of your kitchen, and what kind of food waste your family generally produces, because we want to ensure that you’ve chosen the right model for your needs. Once you have the garbage disposal you want, we’ll install it for you quickly and easily.

Our customer’s convenience is always our first concern, so our commitment to fast, friendly service is number one for all of our technicians. Making sure your plumbing needs are covered while saving them money is – well – that’s our other number one job, because we are the number one plumbing company in Phoenix; we just don’t do anything less!

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