Travis Talks About….. The Difference Between Hydro Jetting and “Snaking” or “Cabling” Your Pipes

hydro jetting

Wait – What Exactly is a Plumbing Snake or a Cable or a hydro jetting?

Before we get into comparisons between clearing blockages using the hydro jetting method versus the “snaking” or “cabling” method – you should know that a plumber’s snake and a plumber’s cable are similar versions of the same concept, and the terms are often used interchangeably. Basically, machines spin a long “snake” – (aka – cable) – very rapidly – like a drill. Different sized metal tools at the end of the cable – (aka – augers) are attached to the cables, so that when they spin they bore through whatever is blocking the pipe – whether it’s organic or inorganic.
Hydro Jetting
There are differences in the size and shape of the cables and the tools at the end of the cables.
The main differences are in the size of the drilling tool at the end of the cable, how long and/or thick the cable is, and how powerfully the drill rotates.

We have snakes with tools that are made to clear very small and narrow indoor plumbing pipes, and some are made to clear very large, underground sewer pipes. Whatever size or shape your home has – you can be sure that Moon Valley has the equipment and trained technicians to handle it!

How is Hydro Jetting Different From a Plumber’s Snake or a Plumber’s Cable?

The biggest difference between hydro jetting and snaking a plumbing system has to do with what kind of blockage can be cleared, how much can be cleared, and the amount of debris left behind after its been cleared.

A plumbing snake will punch/drill a hole through whatever blockage is clogging up a pipe so that it can move down the pipes and out through the sewer system. Hydro jetting will break the blockage down with the force of the water, and then clear the blockage away, flushing the pipes out in both directions.

The Advantages of Hydro Jetting vs. Snaking – is One Better Than the Other?

Make no mistake, both of these techniques are absolutely effective for taking care of blockages and clogs inside your pipes. When you call us to your home or business we will always do a thorough inspection – often with specialized video equipment – to determine exactly where and what the problem is, so we can advise you on what your best solution may be.

There are occasions when one method may be more useful, faster, and/or give a longer lasting result than the other, and we want you to know exactly what all your options are. Many of our customers aren’t aware of how thoroughly a hydro jetting can clear a blockage in their pipes, and that hydro jetting often offers a long-term – and sometimes permanent – answer to chronic plumbing problems!


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