Travis Talks About….. Hydro Jetting – Power Wash Your Pipes for a Problem Free Plumbing System!

Travis Talks About….. Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting can clear problems that other systems of drain cleaning can’t touch, without resorting to powerful, toxic chemicals – or digging up your entire yard! Hydro jetting is not only environmentally safe, it removes debris so thoroughly that it leaves the inside of your pipes smooth and clean, the way they were when they were new. Hydro jetting can safely and effectively remove:

  • soap and scum buildup
  • hair
  • sand & silt
  • mineral buildup
  • hard water scale accumulation
  • grease & oil
  • food bits & pieces
  • paper products
  • organic & inorganic matter (i.e. kitty litters)
  • tree roots

Hydro Jetting & Tree Roots

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages that hydro jetting has over traditional snaking is that it deals with tree roots. If you’ve got any kind of landscaping in your yard, you’re going to have roots to deal with, because roots will eventually find their way into a sewer line if there’s one around. They like it there, because there’s a whole lot of water and nutrients flowing through it all the time!

If you don’t deal with a root system, the roots will actually grow into your pipes. The tangle of roots in there will catch the waste that would normally flow freely through the pipe. We’ve all seen sidewalks that are buckling, with the back of a tree root visible in the crack? Well – that’s the damage a root can do if left untreated.

Hydro jetting is the only way to actually cut through tree roots, and then flush them out of your plumbing system entirely. If you have an older home with a lot of older trees and shrubs, then regular hydro jetting can save you from having to replace those pipes entirely, at a cost of thousands of dollars!

Hydro Jetting & Old Pipes

If you have an older home, chances are good that you have older plumbing, and pipes that are made of cast iron or other materials that will become irregular, pock-marked, and bumpy on the inside. For example: cast iron drain or sewer piping will blister on the inside, causing a rough surface that will catch particles and attract scum and greasy residue.

If the interior of your pipes has a rough or irregular surface, it’s easier for clumps of waste to catch on and cling to the inside, causing the circumference of the pipe to grow increasingly smaller. Eventually this results in the kind of build-up that will plug up an old pipe entirely. Hydro jetting takes care of this problem – without harming your older pipes – by scrubbing the interior of the pipes so that they’re nice and smooth again.

Hydro Jetting & Really, Really Tough Waste

There is waste – and then there is WASTE, and you would be amazed at the things that go down plumbing pipes! Sometimes we deal with a clog that is caused by a material that no one would normally think to put down a toilet or a sink. We had one customer who thought that flushing her kitty litter down the toilet was the best way to handle it. Another customer thought that flushing old tax documents and records down the toilet was more effective than shredding them. When you have truly serious situations like this – hydro jetting your plumbing lines is the best – and sometimes only –solution. 

Hydro Jetting Can Do the Impossible – at a Greater Distance
Hydro Jetting
Another one of the many great things about hydro jetting is that it packs the same punch – whether the clog is 20 feet or 200 feet and more down your pipe. Our snake/cable machine puts out a lot of power to drill through tough clogs; but there’s a fixed amount of torque – or power – spin that drilling force. The greater the distance of the clog is from the clean out, the more line we have to put down a drain to clear it. And the further from that power source the snake gets – the more strength and speed the snake will lose, making it less effective. With a hydro jet machine the force of the blast of water that clears your pipes is equally as strong – no matter how far down you system we have to go.

Hydro Jetting Has Changed the Course of Plumbing History!

In case you’re wondering why we’re so excited about hydro jetting here at Moon Valley, it’s because it’s a pretty amazing innovation in the world of plumbing. It was first invented in the 1950’s to deal with the huge pipes in oil fields and on oil-rigs, as a means of keeping those massive systems clear. You can imagine what the buildup would be inside a pipe that pumps hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil a year!

From there, hydro jetting systems were developed to handle large commercial businesses that were running huge volumes of liquid through their plumbing systems, like manufacturing factories and restaurants.

Today, our technology has modified and refined the equipment used for hydro jetting so that we can offer this same powerful cleaning and clearing system to our residential customers! Moon Valley’s hydro jetting equipment isn’t as gargantuan as the systems they use in oil fields, but they’re just as effective. I take pride in the fact that I can offer my customers the answer to absolutely any plumbing problem they may have, particularly the seriously tough ones!



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