Travis Talks About….. Hydro Jetting! Have a Tough Clog? Hydro Jetting May be the Answer!

Hydro Jetting – What is It?

One of the special technologies Moon Valley Plumbing offers is an advanced method of clearing a plumbing system called hydro jetting. This is a specialized technique for dealing with truly tough blockages, problem plumbing systems, and chronically slow pipes. We’ve discovered that people often don’t know what hydro jetting is, or if they do – they think it’s only used for commercial buildings, especially restaurants. But here at Moon Valley Plumbing, we’re proud to be able to offer our residential customers this important service too!

Hydro jetting is based on the same principle that works for power washing buildings and concrete surfaces; it actually scours surfaces harder than almost any other method of cleaning short of sandblasting; but it’s specifically built for your plumbing – it scrubs the inside of your pipes with a highly pressurized jet of water.

How Does it Work?

Our new hydro jetting equipment consists of a very large machine that will pump water from a large water tank. The machine can pump water at an extremely high velocity through a long, heavy-duty hose that has a specialized power nozzle attached to it. The hose is 300 feet long, so we can handle just about any size/length of plumbing system you’ve got.

We “thread” this nozzle and hose down into your pipes through the “cleanout” opening for your pipes; every home has at least one built-in opening like this that will give us access to your plumbing system. With this equipment, we can literally blast water through the nozzle with such force that it will cut through virtually any kind of blockage or debris; and by “force” I mean water pressures of 3,500 – 4,000 PSI and up. (and “PSI” stands for “pounds per square inch,” which is about 20 gallons per minute, and that’s a whole lot of really fast moving water, just so you know).

What Can it Do?

Here’s where hydro jetting differs from regular methods of clearing drains: it not only removes the regular kinds of clogs – hair, paper products, grease, etc. – hydro jetting will cut through sand, sediment, silt, scale build-up, and – most importantly – tree roots. Not only that, but hydro jetting also removes whatever may be clinging to the inside of your pipes as well!

Clearing your plumbing system with a snake, cable, or auger tools works very well and is extremely effective in many situations. However, while the snaking tool opens your pipes by drilling a hole through the clog, it can leave behind layers of grease mixed with hair, mineral deposits, and other kinds of sediment coating the insides of your pipes. This kind of accumulation means that the flow of water and waste through your pipes can be slowed over time, as they become narrower due to the build-up.

With hydro jetting, however, those deposits are blasted completely away, cleaning the inside of your pipes and removing anything attached to them. Your pipes are scrubbed completely clean, as open and clear as they were when they were first installed!

When you give us a call at Moon Valley Plumbing because your plumbing system is backed up, we use a number of techniques – including video inspection – to diagnose your problem first. Once we’ve identified where your system is blocked, and have an idea of what’s blocking it – we always go over all the options for clearing it with you, and hydro jetting is often one of the best and most effective ways to go. We’re happy that we can offer our customers this kind of service, because – believe it or not – we’d rather that you not have to call us with an emergency plumbing nightmare, lol. We like to have happy customers that know we’ll get the job done right the first time – and every time!



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