The Secret to Hiring a Good Plumber

When you need help with the plumbing in your home it can be hard to figure out which plumber to call. Yes! Air Conditioning and Plumbing put together a quick list of some of the things that you should look for when you hire a plumber in your area.

Licensed and Insured

One of the most important things that you should check is to make sure that your plumber is licensed to perform plumbing services and that the plumbers are insured. If something happens while the plumber is on your property you want to know that you’re shielded from any legal liabilities. At Yes! Air Conditioning and Plumbing, our plumbers are all fully licensed and insured so that you have nothing to worry about.

Offers Complete Services

Your plumbing system is intricately designed and connected. When you start to have problems with one component it could mean that another part of the system is in trouble as well. Unless your plumber offers a wide range of services they won’t be able to tell if a piece of equipment on the other side of the house needs attention as well.

Another reason that you want to find a plumbing contractor that offers a wide range of services is so that you don’t have to call anyone else. Hiring a plumber that can fix your pipes and your water heater will save you from having to call another plumber if both of those components need attention.

Check Reviews

Another fairly reliable source of information is customer reviews on popular review sites online. Obviously, you can’t trust everything that you read on the internet. But if you take what you read with a grain of salt, or see a lot of the same types of comments for a particular company, you should be able to get a fairly reasonable idea of how reliable the company is.

Written Estimate

Another main thing that you want to make sure that you get from your plumber is a written contract with a final price on it. This will make sure that things don’t change as the project progresses and that you don’t have to worry about having “the meter running”.

When you need a good plumbing technician call a local trusted expert. The plumber you hire should have years of experience working with all kinds of plumbing systems and components, and should be able to talk with you about water heater repair, water treatment systems, and a full range of drain and sewer problems.


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Signs You Need Water Line Replacement

Unlike your wastewater disposal system, which relies on the gravitational force of the earth to move organic waste out of your home, your water supply line and piping rely on pressure. Whether you have a well pump or receive the water from the municipal supply system, you depend upon the integrity and good working condition of the water line, also known as the “water main,” that supplies your home with potable water.

Its location depends upon the layout of your home, but as with any underground pipe, it is subject to certain risks of root penetration and other damage, as well as the perennial issue of failure relating to old age. Fortunately, you don’t have to be in the dark about what goes on underground. There are several signs that you need water line replacement. Here are a few of the most common.

  • Low pressure. One of the common signs that something is wrong with your water supply is low pressure. While there may be a leak inside your home, or some other issue, the problem could be caused by a leak in your water line. Because the pressure relies so much on the integrity of this pipe, even minor leaks can lead to low pressure issues. And without the right amount of pressure, many of your plumbed appliances will suffer accordingly.
  • Spike in your water bill. Make sure you keep an eye on your water bill each month. If you notice any surprising or sudden spikes in your energy costs without a corresponding increase in the amount of water you use, then there might be something wrong with your water line. Water line leaks can be caused by various factors. If there are any trees nearby, tree root penetration is a constant risk to underground plumbing. They exert an incredible amount of pressure as they move underground, and if large enough, they can actually penetrate your water line.
  • Wet spots in the yard. Unless it’s raining or flooding, then this is more or less a sure sign that something is wrong with your water main. Such a major leak may have also significantly cut down on your water pressure, as well. If you have wet spots in your yard accompanied by a foul odor, you may have a problem with you sewer main.
  • No water. This one seems a bit obvious, but if, after you’ve checked your main shutoff valve, you still don’t have water, the line may have collapsed. While your water line was built to last, nothing lasts forever, and it may have simply collapsed under the weight of the earth it had supported for so many years.

Water line replacement is not the massive and invasive procedure it used to be. Today’s trenchless technology allows your plumber to use a couple of targeted holes and replace the water line efficiently and effectively. Call your local plumber today to learn more about what they can do for your home.

This guest post appears courtesy of Resolve Rooter, specializing in water line replacement using dig free trenchless technology. For more information check out our trenchless videos here!