How to Avoid Sewer and Plumbing Problems in Phoenix, AZ

ow to Avoid Sewer and Plumbing Problems in Phoenix, AZ

Avoid Plumbing Problems n Phoenix AZ

Nothing is more frustrating when it comes to the upkeep of a home or business then sewer or water line or Plumbing problems. Almost every homeowner and commercial property owner has their own horror stories of sewer and water line failures. Not only are the issues unsanitary, they always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times, and they can also be very costly.

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Here are 4 things you should know about the sewer and water lines under your home or business:

1. This point cannot be emphasized enough. There isn’t a plumbing problem in the world that gets better with time. Pipes are kind of like vehicles, the longer you let something go, the more likely you are to find yourself stranded on the side of the road, probably in the dead of summer. Leaks waste thousands of gallons of water and increase your water bill significantly and a sewer emergency is going to rack up the cost of a plumber much quicker than the cost of periodical upkeep or inspection.

2. 90% of slow drains are from blocked sewer lines. Blockages can occur from many different things, but some of the most common are: construction debris, tree roots, improper installation, and crushed & disjointed pipes. High-tech plumbers, like the professionals at Moon Valley Plumbing, have integrated video technology into our industry and we can now avoid tearing up a customer’s property looking for the problem area. Using a flexible, fiber-optic video camera that is threaded through the sewer or water lines, we can now view and record the inner workings of your pipes and diagnose any problem, efficiently and accurately.

3. Many water and sewer lines are made of: copper, PVC, galvanized steel; the worst material for pipes to be made out of is a product call Blue Polybutylene. Blue Poly is actually a type of plastic; in the past, it was thought to be a cheap and reasonable alternative to copper, but in reality it has been the culprit of disastrous leaks and even lawsuits. Thought leaders and industry experts, like Moon Valley Plumbing, replace the defective Blue Poly with Black Poly, a much stronger and proven substance.

4. When you are doing your research for a plumbing professional, take these thoughts into consideration. Does the plumber have an honest reputation? Check Yelp and other review sites.

• Does the plumber make an effort to show that they cultivate customer relationships? Unfortunately, there are many companies out there just to make a quick buck.
• Always check that the plumber you are considering is licensed, bonded & insured. See if they perform background checks on their employees who will be interfacing with your family or employees and the property.
• It is easy for an “afternoon job” to turn into a job that takes half a week; find a plumber that charges by the job, not by the hour and promises to stick to their estimate.

Avoid the hassle of a huge sewer or water line problem and find yourself a good plumber. You can download this coupon to get your free inspection of your house or business, and remember Moon Valley Plumbing has 24-hour emergency service, just in case you waited too long.