Is Your Hot Water Letting You Down? Here are 3 Common Problems and Their Solutions

There is just something about a nice, sustainable warm shower at the end of a long day.  Even the toughest person can start pouting like a big baby when they realize the only shower available to them that day is a cold one.  Right now, the East Coast is enduring freezing cold weather; having a feeble water heater would be unbearable, for nothing warms you up like a hot shower!  Even in places that aren’t suffering through a bitter cold winter like Phoenix, Arizona (where people don jackets, scarves and mittens as soon as it hits anywhere near 60°) residents still can’t live without their hot water.

Here are 3 common problems people have with their water heaters and 3 things you can do to try to combat these problems to ensure that your house has an ample amount of hot water readily available:

Problem #1:  The water in your home takes way too long to heat up.

This is a common problem and one that needs to be fixed immediately.  A ton of water is being wasted, running down the drain, while we wait and occasionally test the water to see if it is ready yet.  One of the solutions to this problem is to install a point-of-use tankless water heater.  This will help give you immediate access to hot water for your shower and sink needs, saving you time and money and also saving the world’s supply of water.

Problem #2:  The water in your home runs out too quickly.

Is there a mad rush for the shower in your home?  Do some unnamed individuals bang on the bathroom door if a shower is going on for too long?  This is a frustrating problem and can cause tension in any household.  This issue is usually a symptom of the water heater tank size being too small for the water needs of your home.  One way to fix this problem is to install a bigger water heater or to install a tankless water heater.  Talk to the experts to figure out what is a good solution for your particular household, taking into consideration the number of individuals in the house and other activities that  require hot water such as laundry.

Problem #3: The water in your homes does not have enough pressure.

If your water is hot but it just isn’t providing the stream that you need to remove the shampoo from your hair or the grime from your dishes you could be having a problem with your pipes or with your water heater.  When was the last time that you flushed your pipes or your water heater?  This is something that you should do annually.  This is a great preventive measure you can take to ensure the workability of the plumbing in your home.  It is also a good first option to try if you are already having a pressure problem.  You will need to call a professional to help guide you through this process.

No matter what kind of weather your area is currently having, we all want hot water every day.  A broken, finicky or faulty water heater can put a sudden kibosh on our shower dreams.  And how about those dirty dishes that really need a soak or those kids who seem to happily rediscover the hose and dirt every single day, they are going to need another bath.  Make sure that you take the correct preventive measures and install the proper equipment for your household so that a cold shower will never have to be your only option.  Call Moon Valley Plumbing today to receive your free consultation and if you like what you hear, you can use that $50.00 off coupon for your installation.

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