MVP Protecting Consumers

Many people would greatly hesitate or most likely refuse to let a stranger into their home for any reason, even to just use the phone, but slap that person into a uniform with a name tag and a box of tools and they are usually ushered in without a second thought. People cannot get through the day without relying on some elements of trust. We trust other people to stay in their lanes and stop at red lights. We trust individuals at restaurants to follow proper protocol to protect our health. We trust banks to properly store and grow our finances. Moon Valley understands that trust is a large portion of life, but we also believe that, that trust should not be abused.

Arizona’s Moon Valley Plumbing goes to the utmost length to provide protection and quality for our clients. That is why all of our employees are certified by CrimShield, a company that performs in depth background investigations, checking for felonies and criminal history, so that we know exactly who we are hiring and who we are sending to your door for you to trust. Moon Valley thinks this is the minimum that we can do for our customers. Please do not assume that this is a step that every plumbing operation takes, some use shabby and unreliable “screening” processes and some do no checking at all. We frown upon other companies who don’t correctly and extensively screen their employees. We never take the fact that you welcome us into your home for granted.

It is Moon Valley’s desire that every member of our company correctly and proficiently represents us at all times. We hire the best of the best so that we can pass this quality to you. We get many compliments regarding the quality of our workmen, from their respectful and pleasant personalities, to the superiority of their workmanship. We have built a team that we not only take pleasure in working with but one that our clients enjoy as well. When you open the door to one of Moon Valley Plumbing technicians we want you to have a sense of security and know that you are in good hands.

In Moon Valley’s line of work we have to engage two important aspects of life, your home and your security and we take this privilege seriously. A home is the greatest investment that an individual or couple can make and there is nothing more precious than our families and their safety. Moon Valley Plumbing hopes that all Arizona consumers, who are in need of plumbing services in Phoenix or the greater Metro area, will make sure that the plumbing company that they choose has technicians who are all certified by CrimShield or another thorough and credited screening company. Moon Valley believes that you have a right to know who you are beckoning into your home and who is on you property. More information regarding CrimShield can be found at

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