Plumber M.D.

We would like to start out today’s blog with an anecdote that we recently read.

A plumber attended to a leaking faucet at the neurosurgeon’s house. After a two-minute job the plumber demanded $150. The neurosurgeon exclaimed, ‘I don’t charge this amount even though I am a surgeon.” The plumber replied, “I agree, you are right. I too, didn’t either, when I was a surgeon. That’s why I switched to plumbing!”

At Moon Valley, we never want our customers to feel like we think they bleed money or that they are getting the short end of the wrench. You have many choices in Arizona when it comes to choosing a plumber here in the dusty desert. Why then should you choose this particular Arizona plumber? Moon Valley Plumbing is a highly valued Arizona plumber, with several decades of experience under our belt. We are one of the preferred venders of Southwest Gas and are known throughout the valley for our honesty and professionalism. We only hire the best and you can trust in the quality and workmanship of all of our employees. This is one of the reasons why we are able to guarantee all of our work and estimates.

Our goal is to keep our customers for a life-time, even if it means making sacrifices for them in the short-term; we are not in the business of just one-time customers. One of Moon Valley Plumbing’s mottos is “the details make the professional.” The team at Moon Valley gives the utmost personal attention to every customer’s plumbing and remodeling needs, working around tight homeowner schedules and within their budgets.

Another reason why we are a top choice for an Arizona plumber is because we are skilled in residential and in commercial plumbing. No matter your category of need, we can take care of your plumbing needs for you. We are up to date with the latest technology and our team is well educated in their field. Our technicians stay current with all the latest advances receiving continuous professional seminars on plumbing education, safety and training.

Even though it is not reflected in our prices, the detail, time and professionalism that we put into our work reflect the high quality and preciseness of the medical world. No, plumbing is not brain surgery. Our tools are wrenches and gaskets instead of scalpels and microscopes. But this Arizona plumbing company likes to consider ourselves the M.D.’s of the plumbing world.

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