The Plumbers and Pilots Parody

Great businesses and companies are like a great machine. Each has so many intricate parts, all working and moving towards a singular goal. When it comes to visualizing machines, we like to compare Moon Valley Plumbing to the likeness of a great aircraft. Our owner, Travis Mingle, is like our steady pilot, bringing each job in for a safe landing. Our trusted, well trained, efficient and mindful crew members are like our flight attendants. They are always ready to explain, offer assistance, fix any issues and make your journey with Moon Valley Plumbing and your plumbing issues as comfortable as possible.

Plumbing and flying do not, at first glance, appear to have very many similarities, but choosing a plumber is very much like finding an airline ticket. You don’t want to pay too much, you don’t want extra fees to be added on and you want to know that safety regulations are being followed. You want assurance that you are in good, reliable hands. Phoenix’s Moon Valley Plumbing stays current with all the latest technological advances in the field, receiving continuous professional education seminars and safety training; so you can tilt that seat back as far as it will go, sip on your Sprite and relax when you are in Moon Valley’s hands.

Another thing aviation and plumbing have in common is that when things go wrong, the remedy must be performed quickly and accurately in order to avoid disaster. Since you probably won’t have time to read many reviews when your toilette is having a tantrum, here are several of our Yelp comments to illustrate our speedy and scrupulous reputation.

“Amazing, fast and prompt service, very professional plumber, (the technician) arrived at the time promised. Removed his shoes before entering the home and cleaned up everything after himself…
I highly recommend them.”

“He bid the job very reasonably, showed up on time and was extremely helpful when he was there, great customer service and great work at very reasonable prices.”

“I believe like anyone else that with plumbers you really never know what you’re going to get and most of the time you’ll feel ripped off. I had a hot water issue (hot water heater blew) and was weary of using previous plumbers.  I used service magic for some names and received a few calls. I went with Moon Valley because they had great recommendations… I can definitely recommend Moon Valley. They came on site prepared with a water heater and had
the work done within the hour.”

Flying makes many people nervous in fact, if severe enough, it actually gets classified as a phobia called, aviophobia. Not all, but many phobias are born from a traumatic experience. So we understand your trepidation when it comes to dialing the phone to find a plumber in the greater Phoenix area. It seems like every other neighbor has a plumbing horror story, (or maybe they are suffering from plumeriphobia.) But Moon Valley Plumbing offers our clients in the Phoenix area, and everywhere that we serve in Arizona, a smooth ride. We keep our course above the clouds and out of any kind of turbulence. We know that you have many choices when it comes to your choice in plumbing and we want to thank you for your consideration of Moon Valley Plumbing for all your future Phoenix plumbing needs.

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