Your Potty Invitation

Sure, Toto is a dog from The Wizard of Oz and a rock band from the early ‘80s (remember Rosanna?), but most importantly, it’s a pretty amazing toilet line. And who can’t live without a good toilet?   Undoubtedly the search for such a universal necessity calls for some research.

A simple Google search for consumer write-ups on toilets brings one immediately to the name Toto.  Why?  One reason is their gravity- and pressure-assist toilets, which are increasingly popular options on the market today. Gravity-assist units, the most common type of toilet, use gravity to release water from its tank through a flush valve and into the bowl during flushing. Pressure-assist toilets, on the other hand, hold the water under air pressure inside a plastic tank and flush it out with more force than a gravity toilet.  Toto toilets receive high marks in both categories.

Many customers are most interested in the fact that Toto’s engineering refinements deliver powerful flushing technology while maintaining eco friendly water conservation. Others most value the combination of function and design. A Toto Drake Toilet offers elegant curves with superior non-clog flushing, and for those seeking a bidet seat, a Toto Washlet is one of the most popular styles sold. The most luxurious toilet is a Toto Neorest. The Neorest combines a state of the art toilet with a washlet seat. A Toto Neorest 500 combines a tankless design with the new Cyclone flushing system technology. This model comes with the SanaGloss finish for a super smooth ion barrier for added cleanliness, and the lid open and closes automatically.

So, what’s the “bottom” line?  A recent study found that men spend an hour and 45 minutes every week going to the toilet–whereas women get everything over with in a mere 85 minutes a week.  In either case, toilet purchases are similar to mattress purchases… private, but important.  Why not take the time to do your research and see the latest, hottest options out there?  Even easier, why not call Moon Valley Plumbing and let us help you choose the potty of your dreams?  Ask about our June special on Toto toilets, and get your morning constitutional going in style!