Picking the Right Water Heater

Picking the Right Water Heater

In all our years of servicing Arizona residents’ plumbing needs, we’ve noticed a trend.  People often spend more time picking the right dishwasher or even coffee maker than they do their water heater.

But choosing the right water heater from the myriad of choices on the market today is actually important when it comes to the longevity and efficiency of your system.
Water Heater
So what are the big factors to consider in such a purchase?


Top water heater manufacturers are not afraid to offer a five-year warranty on their products, and a good warranty is solid assurance that you won’t be left hanging in an emergency.  Most of the major brands offer warranties, but be sure to look over your documents carefully to make sure you are getting five years’ coverage on parts and the tank – and that you’ll be covered with repair or replacement for every foreseeable issue.

Know Your Specs

Next, you should understand what to buy based on the specifications of your home. You’ll need to know what size and configuration you’ll need, and this is based on the size of your home and the number of people living there. You don’t want to under-supply or over-supply for your particular needs.  The professionals at Moon Valley Plumbing can consult with you about all the factors related to your family’s needs. Many people think that because the 30-gallon tank wasn’t working so well, they obviously need a 40-gallon tank for the new install.  This isn’t necessarily true.  A bigger goal, in some cases, is to have the unit heat the water more rapidly than the old unit. We use a term called “first hour recovery,” which takes into consideration the amount of water a tank can hold with what it can heat in one hour.  This provides a meaningful comparison between brands.

Solid Options

Two good options we’ve found in our industry are American Proline and Bradford White. These brands offer electric, gas, high efficiency, tankless, and eternal units, all depending on what your needs are. They provide greater longevity and efficiency than several others we’ve worked with over the years.

In essence, it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to educate yourself on this important purchase. And the team at Moon Valley Plumbing would love to sit down with you and lay out your best options.

Top 10 Water Heater Safety Tips

1. Set water temperature at 120 degrees

2. Make sure all combustable material  is 3 feet away from the water heater

4. Test the T & P relief valve once a year

5. Have the drain valve tested for clean out

6. Make sure the pedestal is mounted at correct height for location

7. Make sure the drain pan is installed where needed

8. Check for proper venting for gas heaters

9. Check the flame in the combustion chamber hatch

10. Inspect the outer shell for water leaks or rust

It’s Time for a Water Heater Checkup

As the economy has taken a marked downturn over the last two years, Americans have commented on how many of life’s small pleasures they may have taken for granted in the past. No doubt one of the most appreciated pleasures is a hot shower–a daily treat most of us couldn’t dream of going without.

We love our hot water, but few of us stop to think about our hot water heaters and in what shape they might be. Turns out that many plumbers, including the Moon Valley team, have learned to “retro-fit” old units in order to extend their useful lives. If your water heater is six years old–or older–it’s time for a quick checkup.
So, what can you do to check on things and bump up your water heater health? First, call the plumber! Don’t try too much water heater maintenance on your own–especially the first time. A member of the Moon Valley Plumbing team will come to your home for a tutorial that will set you up for an extended life on this most crucial of appliances.
He will make sure you have a tank with an easily accessible, functioning anode rod, little or no sediment, and a functioning temperature/pressure relief valve. It should be 18 inches off the floor where it won’t ignite fumes. Fires are a very real concern as water and electricity don’t make good bed mates, and a good plumber can prevent a number of household disasters and train you to avoid mishaps.

Your Moon Valley plumber will further ensure safety by making sure your water heater is sitting on a drain pan so that if anything does leak, it won’t flood your home–and he’ll ensure that the pan has a drain line that goes somewhere safe. Finally, he’ll check to make sure the plumbing around it is in good shape and that water isn’t dripping onto it from overhead pipes.

In essence, compared to every other season of history, we live like kings. And one of our grandest luxuries as kings – even in a down economy–is our enjoyment of almost-instant hot water. So let’s keep the bliss rolling with a healthy heater!