That Jammed Disposal!

This summer we spent some time at a glorious beach house, which was perfect in every way but one…  It had an easily-jam-able disposal.  But it was no wonder — Several of the ladies had made a huge dinner, and they had shoved everything from potato skins to corn husks down into that dark abyss.  When they poured wine and coffee on top of the monstrous clog, it made for a scary mess, indeed. Fortunately, they had a handy plumber to help get their fingers out of the drain and their toes back into the sand.

So what does one do when the disposal jams?  There’s actually one easy fix you hope will do the trick.  You simply reach down and hit the little reset button under the disposal.  Often that’s the simple key.  If that doesn’t work, another relatively easy homeowner fix includes grabbing an Allen wrench and manually spinning the disposal.  This can loosen the jam and get things humming again. If neither of these fixes work, call the plumber, and he can work his magic pretty inexpensively for this problem by taking apart the drain pipes.

The best idea, though, is to prevent clogs in the first place.  How can you do this?  Never, ever put rice, noodles, or potato skins into the disposal.  These often-undercooked foods have been known to take their toll on many a disposal unit.   And if you want a fresher-smelling sink and disposal area, pour a little baking soda down there once in a while, add a little water, and let it sit for a while.  With a little preventative care and TLC, you can have a healthy disposal and free up your time to do what you really want to do – like soak up the sun!

Community Responsibility

Another major value of the Moon Valley Plumbing Company is giving back to the community.
“It’s important to us,” says Mingle, “to give back for the blessings we’ve received through the years. We’re involved with Homeless for the Holidays, a special project of the Salvation Army. Many people are familiar with the red shield and Christmas kettles; however, this is only a very small part of the many services the Salvation Army provides to residents in the Valley of the Sun. In fact, Salvation Army programs assisted more than 871,000 individuals in our community during the last year, and Moon Valley Plumbing was proud to be an active sponsor of this important project.”
The company was also involved in Neighborhood Ministries, Inc. in providing food and shelter for the less-fortunate, as well as public service announcements on local radio stations that encouraged donations to schools and those without some basic necessities of life.
“We love being part of the good things going on to help others in this community,” says Mingle. “It’s so important that we share what we’ve been given. As an established company here, it’s a big responsibility to give back to this city, and we take that calling very seriously. But it’s also fun.  Last year we had a blast painting a basketball court for the kids in a beat-up neighborhood, and we found it very rewarding to paint homes for the elderly through the Business Referral Network. We encourage anyone who wants to get involved to come join us over the holidays!”

Green Initiatives

One of the top values of the company is to promote “green” initiatives like tankless water heaters and high-efficiency toilets. The Moon Valley Plumbing team provides complimentary consultations to homeowners to determine the efficiency and environmental friendliness of current appliances.
Customers interested in reducing their “carbon footprint” are also turning to solar-powered hot water heating systems, which turn homes into cost-efficient, greener places. Most customers find that they save an average of $500 a year off their energy bill, so the payoff is well worth the initial investment.
“We usually find that 90% of the homes in this region have some sort of energy-wasting, comfort-robbing, or expensive problems related to plumbing,” says Mingle. “Our job is to detect the problem and implement price-conscious, efficient solutions for each challenge we encounter.”

Moon Valley Plumbing also counsels customers about the new tax credits available to those who choose to go green and replace their air conditioning units, water heaters, toilets, and major appliances with newer, non-ozone damaging, energy-efficient models.

Tax credit form at

Leaving town for the holidays? Here are few short plumbing tips:

Here are few short plumbing tips:
•    Shut off the water.  Relieve pressure by turning all faucets on and let the remaining water run out.
•    If you have a gas water heater turn it to vacation mode.
•    If you have an electric water heater turn the breaker off so no electricity is running to the water heater.

Call Moon Valley Plumbing for a home inspection for preventative maintenance.

Crazy Water Bill? Could be a “Loo Leak!”

Last month Lucy Greene stared at her water bill in horror.  It was $93 higher than the previous month. “Bob!”  she yelled to her husband.  “Do we have a swimming pool I don’t know about?”  Bob came bounding down the stairs and grabbed the bill.  “Not a pool,” he answered, “but I think I can guess what this is… I bet the kids’ toilet has a leak. You might want to get the plumber on the line.”

Though toilet leaks are very common in most U.S. households, they can be tough to detect. Fortunately, there are ways to figure out if your “loo leaks” long before you’re out an extra hundred bucks like the Greene’s.

In some houses, the problem is that there’s a defective flush valve, or flapper ball at the bottom of the toilet tank. If this valve doesn’t seat properly, it won’t be watertight; and soon water will begin leaking–often silently.

To test for this type of leak, a homeowner can add a few drops of food color into the toilet tank after it has stopped filling.  He should wait about a half an hour, and if any trace of color appears in the toilet bowl, there is a leak. Plumbers also have a special kit that quickly reveals leakage.

The good news is that not only is there a quick way to detect leaks, but there is also an easy, inexpensive solution.  Usually it’s as simple as reinstalling a new flapper.  At Moon Valley Plumbing, we offer free estimates for this–or any other plumbing issue– with no service charge on any consultation visits. So don’t settle for damp floors or out-of-control water bills when your friendly neighborhood plumber and his bag of leak fixes is just a phone call away.