Hair and Your Drain Pipes: A Guide for Homeowners

Did you know that the average person loses at least 50 hairs a day? For a family of four, that means up to 200 hairs per day could be headed down your shower drain. As it turns out, hair is a plumber’s worst nightmare – causing clogs, backups, and endless headaches. Below, discover the consequences of letting all that hair flow down the drain, along with some tips for keeping it out of your pipes.

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3 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Home’s Hot Water System

Indoor plumbing is one of the conveniences that modern homeowners often take for granted. Access to a supply of heated water makes it possible to comfortably shower each day, disinfect your clothing and dishes, and wash your hands with ease.

Although hot water plays an important role in your day-to-day life, the system supplying your home with this hot water could be draining valuable energy and financial resources. Here are three simple things you can do to help make your home’s hot water system more efficient in the future. Continue reading “3 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Home’s Hot Water System” »

Water Softeners

Do you think hard water is harming your pipes? You are right – the cost of fixing calcium and magnesium buildup in your appliances, pipes, and water heaters can rack up quickly. Moon Valley Plumbing – your go-to #1 plumber in Phoenix AZ, has a lasting solution to your problem. That is right! We install water softener units in your businesses and homes to safeguard against adverse effects of hard water and make your pipes and appliances last longer.

Why Choose Us as your Water Softeners Installer? You Can Count On Us: We shall leverage over 20 years of experience to ensure everything falls right into place. Besides, we’re BBB A+ rated, bonded, insured, and licensed for added peace of mind. Installation Done Right: You can count on us to a professional and thorough job. We’ve got an extensive list of past clients who can attest to our courteous installation services. Priced with you in mind: We diagnose your system before offering a $39.00 and an accurate estimate. The estimate will be a flat rathe and cover all questions before work begins. We don’t add any questionable extra fee or hidden charges.

Water Jetting

Are you looking for a water jetting expert to unclog your sewer and drain pipes? Look no further than Moon Valley Plumbing – you leading plumber in and around Phoenix AZ. Water jetting (or what’s popularly called hydro-jetting) can do more than break up clogs; it gets rid of debris and grease as well as cuts tree roots all the way around the walls of your drain and sewer pipes. When considering water jetting, however, it pays to consult with a professional plumber.

We’re your best shot at an efficient water jetting service. Why? You’re in Good Hands: We bring a wealth of knowledge and over two decades of expertise in the field. And we’ve BBB A+ rating to show for it. Besides, we’re bonded, licensed, and insured for add peace of mind. Honest Prices: We shall diagnose the problem and provide you with an estimate that we stand behind 100%. Work Done Right: You can count on us to be courteous, clean, and professional. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today and discover how we’re changing Phoenix AZ one client at a time!

Water Heaters

Are you looking for a reputable, reliable, and trustworthy plumber to handle all your water heater needs? Your search ends with Moon Valley Plumbing – your #1 Plumber in Phoenix AZ for installation, repairs, and replacement of all kinds of water heaters. Why Choose Us? Experience You Can Trust Whether gas, electric or the new tankless, we know water heaters like the back of our hands. We shall leverage over two decades of expertise and ingenuity to deliver nothing but top-notch work. Licensed,

Bonded, and Insured Don’t take chances with the other guys. With us, you can rest easy knowing that professionals are handling your water heater. Quick Turnaround Times Ask your neighbor – we come to your premise, assess the work, provide you with a no-obligation accurate estimate and perform a thorough & professional job before leaving! It’s that straightforward and hassle-free. Easy on Your Pocket Our water heater installations are not only high-quality (and we have got an extensive list of reference to show for it) but will also not put a huge dent in your bank account. BBB A+ Rating We pride ourselves on being among the few plumbers in Phoenix AZ with the rating.

Line Inspections

Any undetected leakage, malfunctioning or clogging in your drain or sewer line can lead to significant expenses. At Moon Valley Plumbing – the number #1 plumber in Phoenix AZ, we leverage over 20 years of experience and state-of-the-art video cameras to perform turn-key inspections all around your drain and sewer line. We employ innovative non-invasive techniques to detect any leaks or damages and remedy them promptly.

Why Choose Us for your Line Inspections? Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed: Our fully trained, licensed, and insured line inspection experts work hard to complete every job in a courteous, clean, and professional manner to ensure all our clients are 100% satisfied. Fair Pricing: We lay everything bare right from the outset. All our estimates are accurate and don’t include any hidden fees. Of course, our line inspections services are easy on your pocket. BBB A+ Rating: “We always deliver high-quality work” isn’t another flashy tagline to us; it’s the staple of what our team strive to offer residential owners and businesses in Phoenix AZ every day.


Finding a good plumber to supply, install or maintain your brand-name disposals isn’t always a walk in the park. At Moon Valley Plumbing – Residential plumber # 1 in Phoenix AZ, we pride ourselves on selling, installing, and repairing top-notch brand-name disposals in homes of all sizes. We stand 100% behind our choice brands for disposals. We have a large variety of disposals to git any size home and family. They come in a variety of speeds, with auto reverse, stainless steel and noise reduction. Let our expertise help you pick the right tool for the job. Why Phoenix AZ Homeowners Choose Us for Disposals?

Experience Your Count On – We’ve over two decades of expertise dealing with disposals of all kinds. Bonded, Insured & Licensed – We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that you sleep easy knowing professionals are handling your disposals. Also, we’ve BBB A+ rating. Best-Quality Disposals – again, we stand 100% behind our top brand disposals. They are only sourced from reputable companies with an incredible track record of quality and dependability. Try our disposal installation services today and discover why thousands of residential owners in Phoenix AZ trust us every day.

Pipes and fixtures maintenance

A regular maintenance schedule is vital to keep your pipes and fixtures in good condition.

This allows for the smooth and efficient distribution of either hot or cold water and/or gas in your home and office for the appropriate disposal of sewage. That’s why Moon Valley Plumbing is here in Phoenix to help you. Moon Valley Plumbing Service Company is a residential plumbing contractor dedicated to quality. We offer our plumbing services to clients throughout Phoenix, AZ. We are locally owned and have been in operation for more than two decades, allowing us to build trusting relationships with our clients and provide superior personalized services.
Pipes and fixtures maintenance
We are primed with re-piping effort funded by plumbing manufacturers to install, fix, remove and replace a defective plumbing system distributed throughout Phoenix, AZ. We understand the fact that every plumbing unit in every home is interconnected and due to the level of expertise of our team, we render excellent service across every sphere of plumbing. Our services include:

  • Drain and sewer cleaning;
  • Disposals;
  • Water softeners;
  • Water heater installation and services;
  • Slab leaks;
  • Waterline repair;

We urge our clients never to ignore or postpone any plumbing repairs or maintenance, as it may lead to bigger issues in the future. If plumbing issues are not attended to at the proper time, it may lead to a capital problem. It is a prudent idea to contact us for a trustworthy plumbing service provider to help you.

Also, water systems are one of the indispensable components that we use on a daily basis without even realizing it. When they get faulty, one of the dreaded issues when looking to a plumber to fix it is the callout fee, which usually cripples budgets. But hiring us guarantees you a minimal charge—excellent service for a lower cost.

Moon Valley Plumbing Service is a 24/7 licensed and insured Service Company. Our range of plumbing services is guaranteed around the clock. We send licensed, certified and professionally trained mechanical pros to your home or business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Originally starting as just a plumbing company, Moon Valley has expanded into Heating and Cooling (HVAC) in order to serve you better.

So whether you do not expect plumbing problems to occur any time soon, or you have been enduring a pipe leak for quite some time now, it helps to have Moon Valley Plumbing Service to save you from all the trouble.

Better Repair or Replace your Water Heater

Replace your Water Heater or fixing it – make the right Choice.

Water heaters are systems that are of great importance to households and other kinds of settings such as hospitals and other establishments. They expressly come in handy during the cold days when it is practically impossible to use cold water. Water heater as an electronic component are however prone to getting damaged or spoiled over time and at this juncture you might be contemplating on either repairing the faulty component or replacing the old system. Either way, only a good repair services can help sort the situation.

Repair or replace

How do you know whether to repair or replace a water heater?

Water Heater

A good rule of thumb is to never spend on repair more than half the cost of replacing your hot water heater. In most cases, water heaters that are out of warranty should be replaced. The cost savings from a new water heater’s efficiency far outweighs the repair cost and lack of performance of an old water heater. Water heater repairs are very important since they can help in cutting costs that could have been incurred when going for a new heater and having it all installed again.

You would get to know if you require water heater repair when you get hit by the icy cold water coming from the shower. This is the time when you need to make a decision of whether to have the heater repaired or have it replaced. If your water heating tank and the instruments installed in it is being used for more than a decade now then it is but obvious that you should have it replaced. On the contrary, if your heater has been there with you for just a few years then it is better to have it repaired. If that is the case then now you need to employ the service of a competent and licensed plumbing service- Moonvalley Plumbing.

Therefore, if you do decide to have your heater replaced with a newer model, Moonvalley Plumbing is your best option. We help you research the various options available before settling on one- heater design and capabilities, Tank size, heating capacity and speed of heating, etc.

Moonvalley plumbing is known in the whole of Phoenix for excellence. Once you get into contact with us, we send our repair professionals to you in order assess the fault and probably have it fixed, they will come with the necessary parts for the repairs and in case they do not have what is required they will always get it and fix your problem in no time. Our expert plumbers will make sure it’s safe and in good working order. Give us a call today.

Water Heater Repair

Moonvalley plumbing offers Water Heater Repair in Phoenix area

How frustrating it is when you decide that what you need early in the morning is a hot bath, you turn the taps and all you get is gush of ice cold water. Basically, water heater is one of the most relied-on parts of a plumbing system. There are many signs that you will see that makes you see that your water heater may need servicing or repair. If your water looks rusty, has an odor or you hear rumbling, popping and whining noises, or if you see water leaking around the base of the water heater, it’s time to call for a repair help.
Water Heater Repair
Before you automatically assume that you need a new water heater, a repair or replacement of faulty parts may be worthwhile to explore a few possibilities that might address your problem. Over considerable time and usage, it is quite normal that your water heater may stop responding or functioning effectively and this may require repair work. For effective and quality water heater repair service, there are quite a few important parameters that you need to consider. The first being the age and the condition of the heater and the second is the cost of Water Heater Repair or parts replacement. A typical water heater always comes with years of warranty and it lasts for more than 10 years most times provided that proper maintenance and routine inspection is incorporated.

Also another factor to consider in repairing your water heater is the cost of repair, some repair experts always bloat the price of repair which is almost equivalent to the price of purchasing a new water heater. So in repairing your water heater, you need to consider level of expertise and cost of repair and the only company that can offer you both criteria in Phoenix area is Moonvalley Plumbing.

When you rely on Moonvalley plumbing for your water heater repair or water heater replacement, you can expect professional service from skilled plumber. Moonvalley plumbing offers 24-hour emergency water heater service, so you will have hot water again as quickly as possible—the same day in most cases. Our expert technicians are the most trusted in Phoenix area when it comes to fixing or replacing your water heater. With so many hot water heater brands to choose from, along with our knowledgeable and professional staff, no wonder why we are the best home heating service in Phoenix area! Fixing, replacing and servicing water heaters is what we do.
We can dispatch a technician to your home to diagnose your hot water heaters issues and offer fair and competitive pricing so that water heater replacement won’t cost you a great deal. If the replacement of your water heater is necessary, a Moonvalley plumbing water heater expert will help you determine which one is right for your home and budget, taking into consideration your families water heating needs and energy usage expectations.